8 Useful Means to Identify a Toxic Relative ...

By Alison

8 Useful Means to Identify a Toxic Relative ...

Toxic relatives are something that many of us have to deal with. It´s not a pleasant experience, having family members who are a negative influence on our lives. Sometimes we don´t even know that we have toxic relatives, or what they´re doing to us. So here are some tips on hw to identify a toxic relative …

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1 Never Listen

Do you have family members who never listen to your problems? For some people, they themselves are the only people who matter, and the only people who have genuine problems. Nice relatives are always willing to listen to you; if your relative never wants to know when things are tough, that´s a big clue that they´re not the nicest of people.

2 Take, No Give

If you´re uncertain how to identify a toxic relative, here is a very good clue. Are they the kind of person who always wants something from you, and yet when you´re the one needing a favour they´re always ready with an excuse? Toxic relatives are all take and no give.

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3 Distant

Some family members are so distant that they might as well not be there. I´m not talking about miles – you can be a long way off but still be very supportive. Emotional distance is the issue here. Even parents can be very distant towards their children, and it´s not pleasant if yours are like that.

4 Critical

Some toxic relatives show their character by the way in which they constantly criticise you. There are people who have to make themselves feel better by being rude about others, even people that should be close to them. Who needs relatives who are always critical and never have anything nice to say to them?

5 Blaming

Then there are the relatives who always blame others for any family disputes, or whatever has gone wrong in their life. It´s always someone else´s fault! These people are incapable of taking responsibility for themselves, and who wants to be blamed for someone else´s mistakes?

6 Bullying

Some toxic relatives are actually pretty easy to identify. They are the ones whose behaviour borders on bullying. Bullies within families are just the same as in any other situation, and should not be tolerated simply because you are related to them.

7 Begging

Do you have a family member who is always asking for help? Well nothing wrong with that maybe – unless it´s invariably help of the financial kind. Lots of people have lent money to relatives and never see a penny of it back. So watch out for relatives who are always holding out a begging bowl.

8 Putting You down

Toxic relatives are the kind of people who always make you feel bad about yourself. They put down everything that you say or do. Your opinions are stupid, your achievements are not worthwhile, and you will never amount to anything. Well, in their eyes anyway. Don´t listen to them!

Unfortunately, just because we are related to someone doesn´t mean that they play a positive part in our lives. Use these tips and you´ll learn how to identify a toxic relative. Once you know what they are, you can deal with them accordingly and reduce the effect they have on you. Do you have any toxic relatives, and have you actually had to go as far as cutting contact with them?

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