7 Video Tutorials for DIY Collar Necklaces ...


DIY collar necklaces are the perfect way to save and look super trendy which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a great reason to learn how to make a collar necklace all by yourself! DIY it, put your imagination into it and you’ll never feel torn between two equally great pieces or tempted by those fantastic yet quite pricey designer jewels. They are fun to do, a perfect project idea to consider next and a must-have no fashionista could say no to. Why wait, then? Take a look at these videos below and pick the DIY collar necklace tutorial you like the most.

1. Studded Collar Necklace


The best thing about DIY collar necklaces is the fact that you can decorate them anyway you like! And since we all love studs (right, girls?), I’ve decided to go with those first. Take notes from this quirky crafter right here and you’ll have your studded necklace in no time!

Pearl-Embellished Peter Pan Collar Necklace
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