7 Ways to Keep That Jewelry Box Organized and Sparkling Clean ...


7 Ways to Keep That Jewelry Box Organized and Sparkling Clean ...
7 Ways to Keep That Jewelry Box Organized and Sparkling Clean ...

If you love your jewelry, you'll want to keep it organized and clean! Follow these fabulous tips by guest contributor Fajar and your jewelry will thank you!

Yes, I was one of those people who cleaned their jewelry boxes out every few weeks with a promise that they won’t let it get disorganized. Well, we all know how that usually ends. Every other week, my earrings got entangled with my rings, which then got strangled by my numerous necklaces. BUT! I’m not the same person anymore. I've learnt the 7 golden rules to keep my jewelry box organized and sparkly clean and I want to share them with you so you can too!

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First Things First: Buy a Good Jewelry Box

What do I mean by a «good» jewelry box? Well one that has compartments and tiny drawers. I personally went through a bad experience with the jewelry boxes that don’t have any compartments. I ended up breaking a charm necklace my parents gave me for my 19th birthday (I know *sniff sniff*). So the day that happened, I went online and bought a jewelry box that had compartments for my necklaces, my rings and my earrings. I bought mine from southasiatrading.com


Use That Reminder Function in Your Phone/tablet

I treated my jewelry box cleaning regime as a weekly duty. To make sure I never had an excuse (like the classic «I forgot») I set up a weekly reminder on my smart phone. Every Sunday at 4 pm I used to get a reminder asking me to reorganize my jewelry box if I wanted it to stay that way. And for the people who need extra help (like me) I asked my best friend to set up a reminder on her phone as well. So if I tried to slack, she would call me up and get me to work.


Divide and Conquer Your Jewelry Box

The best way to keep your jewelry box clean is to divide all your jewelry into different compartments. Some people find it easier to just divide their jewelry according to the occasions they would wear it on; weddings, the office etc. whereas other people, including me, divide our jewelry box according to types. This means separate compartments for the rings, necklaces, earrings etc. dividing your jewels will make it easier for you to keep them organized for a long time.


Make Pairs Where Possible

What I do is that I try to keep my earrings in pairs. Hook one earring on to the other and voila! You won’t ever lose them. Now I agree some earrings cannot be latched on to each other. Try using those mini zip lock bags that can easily be found in jewelry stores.


Vacuum That Baby

Every month you should try to completely empty out your jewelry box and vacuum the dust out of it. Remember, the cleaner your box looks the more you’d want to keep it that way. This one definitely works for me. When I look at the clean velvet lining of my jewelry box I don’t want any dust to ruin its sheen. I try to keep it as clean as possible because the clean base makes my jewelry stand out more.


Separate the Charms from the Chains

This one is a personal favorite! Because I broke a few chains myself I know the culprits are usually the charms. They make it very hard to untangle the chains and for impatient people like me, we apply force and end up worsening the situation. What I do is that I put the charms in the ring holders so they are clearly visible and far, far away from the chains.


Keep Your Jewelry Box Where You and Everyone Who Comes over Can See It!

I say this because there’s nothing quite like the shame when you hear someone say «looks like your jewelry got into a gang war». I personally took such remarks as motivation and at times the push I needed to move my behind and clean my jewelry box.

I believe that everyone has the right to slack and be lazy at times, but ones gotta do what ones gotta do. I used to delay cleaning my jewelry box more times than I can remember. What was the result? I had a ball of tangled metal as a trophy. Keeping things organized is a very difficult task, (I’d know) but it’s harder to face the shame of taking your ball of metal to the jewelers to untangle. If you follow these 7 golden rules you will see that by taking little steps you can achieve a mass effect. These habits might look insignificant but in reality, over the past year, they have changed my lifestyle. I have become more responsible as well as a better organizer and I hope you benefit equally from my contribution.

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I also like those doll stands that u can hang ur jewelry on

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