7 Ways to Wear Neon Jewelry ...


With summer fast approaching, you need to know ways to wear neon jewelry now! Neon jewelry is not only trending big this summer, but it’s so much fun to wear. You can spice up an outfit, make a splashy statement, or simply add a little color to your boring work wardrobe. Here are 7 ways to wear neon jewelry, so that no matter what your taste or style, you can find something that works for you!

1. Keep It Simple

One of my favorite ways to wear neon jewelry is to remember this trick: Keep your clothing simple! It’s a good idea to wear solids instead of patterns. You don’t want your jewelry competing with your flowered skirt! But this rule doesn’t always apply. You could do a small or simple pattern, such as stripes if you wanted to. Or if you just have a touch of pattern on your socks or scarf, it won’t make a big difference.

Do Some Color Blocking
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