2. The Alternative: Moissanite

I did some research and found Moissanite, which is an entirely separate type of stone from a diamond, but to the naked eye could appear to be similar to a diamond.

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This was a spectacular find that my fiancΓ© agreed upon, though this took some persuading on my part because he was skeptical. I think that’s a normal reaction when society tells us to do something and then we want to go against it, but I would never trade my ring in for a diamond.

Moissanite is comprised of silicone carbon, whereas diamonds are pure carbon. Do not be mistaken Moissanite is NOT cubic zirconia, which was designed to be a diamond simulant. Moissanite was not created to be a simulant, but is its own stone with its own properties and beauty. Cubic Zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide, not to be confused with zircon (zirconium silicate).

Moissanite is its own gem stone that was originally discovered by a scientist, Henri Moissan, who thought he had discovered space diamonds, from a meteor that crashed into the earth. Actual Moissanite from the crater is an extremely rare and scarce mineral, unlike diamonds, which are in overabundance but artificially manipulated. While diamonds sparkle, Moissanite contains a fire and brilliance that is so beautiful and affordable that it makes it, in my opinion, better than diamonds.

Moissanite today is grown in a lab and cut from large Moissanite crystals. In the summer of 1995, a diamond cutter figured out that if the gem was cut properly it could be used as a beautiful jewel.

There are those who hold the opinion that Moissanite is not colorless and isn’t worth it to buy. These people are either diamond jewelers or people that have never owned anything else. Diamonds are outrageously priced, whereas Moissanite is not.

Moissaniteco carries a beautiful and much more affordable selection of colorless Moissanites, as well as Moissanites that do have some color. The Moissanite line is Forever One (colorless), Forever Brilliant (near colorless), and Classic (Faint Color).

My ring is the Forever Brilliant 1.4ct stone. I chose the line, but my fiancΓ© chose the size, which was a surprise to me because I was looking at the .5ct. The Forever Brilliant was due to my own preference, some people like the colorless more, but I really wanted to see that sparkle. Moissanites hardness is similar to the diamonds as it’s a 9.25 to 9.5, whereas a diamond is a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

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My experience with the Forever Brilliant warmth is based on the tone of room or the lighting its currently in, or even certain clothing colors that it’s near. I’m including pictures below, but in my experience the stone doesn’t look even slightly yellow too often.

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