4. Other Alternatives

Thereโ€™s obviously more than Moissanite or Diamonds. Other beautiful options that might be more of what youโ€™re looking for include the following.

- Alexandrite

- Sapphire

- Amethyst

- Aquamarine

- Citrine

- Lapis Lazuli

- Moonstone

- Paraiba Tourmaline

- Emerald

- Rubellite

- Spinel

- Tanzanite

- Topaz

- Morganite

- Garnet

- Jade

- Pearl

- Tourmaline

- Opal

- Ruby

- Peridot

- Turquoise

- Zircon

Hopefully, itโ€™s clear to see there are some really great alternatives to a diamond. Do some research and itโ€™s easy to find other gem stones that will open your mind to other possibilities and require less money to show the commitment youโ€™re about to embark on. Less money doesnโ€™t mean cheap, it just means not being exploited for the romanticism of having diamonds and giving in to the diamond industries high price tag.

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