11 Meanings of Body Piercings ...


Body piercing is something that has been done almost since the beginning of time, so I thought it would be interesting to share a few meanings of body piercings!

Depending on where you live, and personal beliefs or preferences, body piercings can hold different meanings.

Below are some of the most prevalent meanings of body piercings, so keep on reading.

1. Style and Trends

Probably one of the most common meanings of body piercings is to keep up with trends or to be in style!

It could be due to peer pressure for teens, but it also has a lot to do with fitting in and being well accepted.

I have pierced ears, and for me it was a matter of fashion and personal tastes!

I love wearing cute earrings.

2. Self-expression

Many young people these days like to get body piercings because of the self-expression behind body piercing.

Being unique and having your own sense of direction is something that our generation struggles with, and having body piercings seems to be a way of expressing your emotions, beliefs, or sense of personal taste.

3. Body Art

Body piercing is considered a form of art.2

I recently learned that!

I always knew tattoos were considered body art, but I guess I never thought about piercings as being a form of body art!

There are some creative and even crazy designs for body piercing, and lots of unusual places that people are getting piercings now.

You can find nearly any style or color of earring or body jewelry for your piercings nowadays.

4. Sexuality

Body piercings can also convey sexuality.

A belly button piercing was originally meant to signify sexual attraction, or to draw sexual advances to the woman wearing it.2

These days, most girls just like them because they are cute, but when women first started piercing their belly buttons, it was for a sign of sexuality!


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