7 Shortlived Bracelet Fads That Died out before We Even Realized ...


Just like any other fashion accessory, there have been tons of different bracelet fads throughout the years.

The jewelry is popular one day, but seems to disappear the next.

Here are some of my favorite bracelet fads that you’ll probably remember.

Chances are you’ve even worn some of them in the past.

1. Sillybandz


One of the most recent bracelet fads was Sillybandz.

These rubber bands came in different shapes and colors, and were aimed at children.

Of course, everyone ended up buying them, despite their age.

Some are in the shape of animals or cartoon characters, while others glow in the dark.

Anything you can think of, there’s probably a Sillyband of it.

2. Livestrong


Remember these?

The Livestrong wristbands supported a good cause.

The proceeds went toward treatment, emotional support, and insurance for cancer patients.

There was a time when everyone sported these yellow bracelets.

Now seeing them is rare, but they’re still available on livestrong.com/Shop.

3. I Love Boobies

I Love Boobies

Some people wore these bracelets because they thought it seemed silly, but the meaning couldn’t be more serious.

This is another piece of jewelry that went toward a good cause.

The money earned from this bracelet helped people learn about breast cancer prevention.

They come in an array of different colors, but all have the same phrase across it.

If you don’t have one, it’s never too late to buy it.

4. Jelly Bracelets

Jelly Bracelets

When I was in elementary school, everyone had an armful of these bracelets.

Some used the different colors in order to indicate what kind of sexual activities they’d be willing to do, but most wore them innocently.

They came in packs, so you never had to wear only one.

You could even intertwine them so that you made two boring bracelets into one colorful one.

Why not bring back the fad and start wearing them again?

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