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Alex and Ani bangles are not your ordinary accessories, but are products infused with positive energy, with each design intended to “empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual.” They are carefully thought out accessories that usually have a deeper meaning and value for anyone who purchases them, which is why many of them are usually passed down from generation to generation! Here are just some of the Alex and Ani bangles and designs that carry their own sentimental meaning.

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Claddagh One of the first Alex and Ani bangles that I purchased was the Claddagh bangle. It represents love, friendship and loyalty, so it’s perfect to have as a friendship bracelet if you don’t really gravitate to those standard ‘best friends’ bangles. The symbol of claddagh is usually associated with your heart’s desires, and the detailing repeated along the top represents protection, knowledge and healing.


Sail Boat

Sail Boat If you are the adventurous kind who loves traveling and the outdoors, this bangle would definitely represent you as a person. The sailboat symbolizes an adventurous spirit that will keep you moving no matter where you end up and it is also a symbol of peace to motivate you through all of the transitional times of your life!


Path of Life

Path of Life The intricate design of the Path of Life bracelet literally represents the different and unexpected twists and turns of life. In addition to that, it also represents the infinite possibilities of expressing your love to your family, friends and your significant other. Overall this bracelet will serve you as a reminder of the nature of life!


Endless Knot

Endless Knot Endless Knot is one of my top favorite designs. It symbolizes boundless wisdom and compassion and expresses one’s destiny in a frame of time and change. This beautifully designed charm bangle will definitely catch a few glances as part of your arm candy!


Tree of Life

Tree of Life The Tree of Life charm bangle is intended to remind you of your connection to Mother Earth. It also serves to represent strong roots and consistent growth, which can be applied to you personally on a much deeper level. Plus this gorgeous design is definitely appealing to the eyes in silver, but it is even more attractive in gold!


Lotus Peace Petals

Lotus Peace Petals Lotus is a flower whose roots are covered in mud and whose stem shoots out from the water so that the flower can receive a proper amount of sunlight. The growth of this plant symbolizes the progression of the soul, inspiring us to rise up and achieve enlightenment, and that is exactly what this bangle stands for!


Star of Venus

Star of Venus Star of Venus is there to remind you that you should uncover your soul’s beauty and allow it to shine through your personality. Venus itself is known as the jewel of the sky because it shines the brightest and it is more commonly associated with the goddess of love. So you can take the meaning of this bangle bracelet several ways.

What I love the most about this line of accessories is that each piece stands for something and that each piece has a deeper meaning behind it. This makes purchasing this jewelry a lot more meaningful as opposed to picking pieces based solely on aesthetics. Which Alex and Ani bangle are you able to relate to the most?

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Is this a disguised commercial?

I really wanna start making my own jewelry I am going through a lot and just broke up with my husband of 24 yrs and feeling stressed cause gave up my goals in dreams kept working until my son who will be 11 next week and have a 22 yr old together but need to find a hobby or something to make extra cash I wicked anxiety due to the fax I've depended on him & now gotta learn to do it own my own but he thinks I can't make it with out him yea I scared cause I have no family parents died young but if anybody got any suggestion please let me no sorry for venting

Um Chrise okay, you made your point.


Unique looking jewelry.

@jm glad you took tone out you're busy life to notice

I just ordered the life preserver one. can't wait to see it in PERSON., the meaning was what I needed to get through a tough time right now.

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