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Sometimes feather jewelry has real looking feathers and other times it has feathers made from other materials. Either way, it's a great thing to add to your jewelry box because it gives your look instant personality. Feather jewelry is sold at many stores and you can find pieces in a wide range of prices. If you don't find exactly what you want, consider learning to make your own. Then you know you'll have something totally unique and unlike anything that anyone else is wearing.

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Leather and Pearl Necklace

Leather and Pearl Necklace Via Pearl beads, Leather for Jewelry ...
Sometimes the best feather jewelry is understated instead of being over the top, like this necklace.


Feather Pendant Necklace

Feather Pendant Necklace Via Free People Feather Pendant Necklace
Keep things simple with a gorgeous feather pendant like this gold one.


Satin Peacock Feather

Satin Peacock Feather Via Satin Peacock Feather Tsumami Kanzashi ...
You don't see jewelry made out of satin very often, but this necklace is stunning.


Fanned Feather Necklace

Fanned Feather Necklace Via Fanned Feather Necklace
If you want something that is a bit more realistic and is sure to make a statement, this is the necklace for you.


Leather Feather

Leather Feather Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
These great earrings are made from leather. Cool, huh?


Side Feather Necklace

Side Feather Necklace Via Black Feather Necklace, Leather Feather ...
This faux feather hangs to the side instead of down like most others do.


With Some Sparkle

With Some Sparkle Via 6 Fabulous Ideas to Make ...
I love how the feather sparkles with the added crystals.


Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet Via alltribes.com
This is a beautiful bracelet. It would look great with just about anything in your closet.


Feather Ring

Feather Ring Via Feather Ring, Sterling Silver Ring, ...
If you want things a bit smaller, try a ring that has a feather on it.


Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs Via VivaLuxury - Fashion Blog by ...
These crystal feather ear cuffs would be great for a night out on the town.


Long Length

Long Length Via How to Make Feather Earrings
These long feather earrings are sure to get you some attention when you wear them.


Hidden Feather Turquoise Pendant

Hidden Feather Turquoise Pendant Via squareup.com
You have to know it's there, but when you see it, it's really awesome!


Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Via Polymer Clay Feather Necklace
Have you ever worked with polymer clay? I bet you could easily make these feathers.


Princess Wrap

Princess Wrap Via Free People Leather and Charm ...
You don't see this every day do you? Would you rock it?


Silver Feather Bangle

Silver Feather Bangle Via Silver Feather Bangle, Chrysoprase, Hippie ...
It's cute how the feather hangs off the bracelet a bit. This is simple, but really pretty.


Long and Natural

Long and Natural Via 14 inch Feather Earrings Long ...
If you want to really make an impact, check out these great earrings.


Two Toned Feathers

Two Toned Feathers Via Items similar to Leather Feather ...
These dual colored feather earrings are fun to look at. I love the sparkle.


Turquoise Metal Feather Toe Ring

Turquoise Metal Feather Toe Ring Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This would look adorable with a dress and a pair of summer sandals.


Dream Catcher Feather Necklace

Dream Catcher Feather Necklace Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Dream catchers have a lot of history. Wear this one around your neck to make a statement.


Gold-Dipped Leather

Gold-Dipped Leather Via How to Make Gold-Dipped Leather ...
You aren't going to find much that looks as great as these earrings do.


Beads and Feathers

Beads and Feathers Via Shopping Guide: 13 Long & ...
Make your feather jewelry really authentic with some beads.


Charm Necklace

Charm Necklace Via Feather Necklace, Verdigris Patina Necklace, ...
This charm necklace isn't huge, but the feather is beautiful.


Feather Lariat Necklace

Feather Lariat Necklace Via Feather Lariat Necklace - Urban ...
This style is pretty, but you don't see it often. If you love this necklace, you should snap it up right away.


Triple Wrapped

Triple Wrapped Via DIY Tutorial: Goldfedern-Kette DIY - ...
This is another lariat style necklace that you can wrap so it's short or long.


LAUREN Hairpin

LAUREN Hairpin Via LAUREN Hairpin
Give any hairstyle a personality boost by tucking one of these pins in.


Unique Engagement Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Via Enamel Silver Unique Engagement Ring ...
Would you wear an engagement ring that looked like this? It's definitely different.


Delicate Feathers

Delicate Feathers Via Step-by-Step Tutorial: Feather Earrings
These would require caution so they don't get messed up.


Long and Bright

Long and Bright Via kingfisher blue feather earrings
I love the length and color of these great feather earrings. What do you think?

Do you own any feather jewelry? I have to admit that I don't. This list makes me want some though. Which piece is your favorite?

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