7 Beautiful Charms for the Women in Your Life ...


7 Beautiful Charms for the Women in Your Life ...
7 Beautiful Charms for the Women in Your Life ...

Bracelets like Pandora have made a huge comeback recently, which makes charms for women that are important in your life the perfect gift! The best thing about charm bracelets is that they allow you to buy specific charms that will remind someone of a special time, event, or person in their life. Every charm bracelet is customizable to match your life and memories. So here are 10 beautiful charms for women that your mother, sister, daughter, friend, or any other important woman in your life will love!

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Purse Charm

Purse Charm As far as charms for women go, a purse charm is always a great piece that any woman if your life would love! There are even shoe charms as well if they are more of a shoe lover over purse worshiper. This purse charm look gorgeous with it's sterling silver coloring and 14K gold bow. There is also another purse charm by Pandora that has a pink gemstone in place of the gold bow if that's more of the look you want.


Hello Kitty Charm

Hello Kitty Charm Charmed Memories has an entire Hello Kitty charm collection! This can be great for your daughter, niece, or any other Hello Kitty lover in your life! I'm 23 and am still obsessed with anything that has Hello Kitty on it. They have all different colored Hello Kittys as well as everything from hanging charms to glass charms with Hello Kitty's face.


Mother of Pearl Charm

The "Mother of Pearl" charm from Pandora is a subtle and beautiful way to show your Mom how much she means to you. Crafted in sterling silver, this charm comes in both black and white pearl coloring so you can choose whichever will match your Mom's bracelet best. The small hearts that surround the charm represent a Mother's love, so be sure to recite that when you hand over the gift! I guarantee your Mother will love it and it will look gorgeous on her arm!


Baby Carriage Charm

Baby Carriage Charm Looking to break the exciting news that you're pregnant to your mother or mother-in-law? Why not give them the news with this adorable charm! This way, whenever they see the charm on their bracelet, they will remember the day when they became a grandmother. It's also a great gift for someone whose baby shower you are attending!


Leopard Glass Charm

This leopard glass charm from Charmed Memories is great for the fashionista friend in your life. The leopard glass charm comes in both the original leopard coloring as well as a purple version. Glass charms are a great way to give your silver or gold charm bracelets some color and pizzazz, which is why this leopard glass charm is perfect for spicing up anyone's bracelet. If you're looking for another kind of animal print, there are also zebra inspired glass charms!


Breast Cancer Charm

Breast Cancer Charm So many of us and our families have been affected by breast cancer. Show your remembrance, support, or care for someone who died, is fighting, or was affected by breast cancer. If your mother, sister, grandmother, or anyone was affected by breast cancer, get identical charms! This way you can show your support and love everyday.


Cupcake Charm

What girl doesn't love cupcakes? They are adorable, fun, and delicious! The cupcake charm is great for the foodie in your life! This sterling silver charm from Pandora is another two-tone piece as it has a 14K gold cherry on top. Careful though, this charm may make anyone wearing it constantly crave sweets!

If you don't already have a charm bracelet yourself, you need to get one. They are fashionable and great for getting to literally wear your memories. It's also a great conversation starter and a way to share all your stories with others when they ask what each of your charms represent. What's your favorite charm so far and what story is attached to it?

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