7 Tips to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone ...


7 Tips to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone ...
7 Tips to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone ...

Finding jewelry for your skin tone can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, but that’s why I’m here! Below, you will find seven of the most helpful tips to choose jewelry for your skin tone and hair color. You can wear any jewelry that strikes your fancy, of course, but some tones complement your skin shade better than others. Read on to discover your best shades!

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Figuring out Your Tone

Of course, before you can find jewelry for your skin tone, you need to know what your skin tone is! It’s easy to figure out. Hold up your wrist in a well-lighted area. If your veins are a bluish tint, then you are a cool tone. If your veins are a greenish tint, then you are a warm tone! Keep reading to find out what this means.


Warm Tones

Warm tones come from the “warmer” colors, like gold, yellow, red, and pink. If you have a warm tone to your skin, you want to stick with jewelry on this side of the color wheel. Gold is your best friend! Although you can still be pals with diamonds too, since they are white! All joking aside, you can totally wear cool tones of jewelry, just be aware that warm tones will look the best on you.


Cool Tones

Cool tones are the opposite of warm! They come from the other side of the color wheel, with blue, green, and silver. So jewelry with these colors will look fabulous on you! Although you can absolutely wear pinks and red if you want to. Just know that cool tones are going to pop against your skin!


Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, it will be best to choose a piece of jewelry in a very light shade of your tone. Bright or dark colors can be overwhelming, so try to think soft colors. But there’s a time and place to be dramatic, so no need to toss out all your dark jewelry! Just save it for the right occasion and place.


Medium Skin

Medium skin is almost the best of both worlds when it comes to the jewelry party. You can get away with almost any shade of jewelry, whether light, bright, dark, or neon. If you go for silver or gold, be sure to match your undertones to the right tone for your skin if you really want to stand out in a crowd!


Dark Skin

For dark skin, you have a huge range! I love to see bright jewelry on dark skin. Nearly any color, even white, really stands out on someone with dark skin. I would steer clear of dark shades of jewelry, as they can disappear depending on how dark your skin is.


Hair Tones and Jewelry

Did you know your hair plays a part in how jewelry looks on you overall? It’s not a huge role, but for necklaces or earrings that are close to your hair, there are tips to make the most of what you’ve got! I love to contrast my jewelry with my hair shade. For example, red hair looks wonderful paired with aqua jewelry. And silver jewelry really pops against dark hair. Experiment around to see which colors bring out your hair the best!

Now that you know all about jewelry tones and how they relate to skin, are you ready to do some jewelry shopping? I know I am! But us girls will use any excuse to shop! What are your own tips for picking jewelry out for your skin tone? Please comment below with your suggestions!

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Amethyst jewelry looks great if you have green eyes.

My veins are bluish tint and I was naturally a cool skin tone but with excess time in the sun my face mostly has turned tan :/ what jewellery am I supposed to opt for? :/

I have a very light olive skin (if that makes sense). My veins look green. I find that all colors but black go well :) I really hate that I can't wear dark accessories though!!

Just wear what you like.

I'm warm tone I still do silver but I do agree gold looks better i do admit sometimes i am a gold and silver mixing fashion criminal also known for wearing sequins and rhinestones if it sparkles ill wear it

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