7 Beautiful Charms for the Women in Your Life ...

Bracelets like Pandora have made a huge comeback recently, which makes charms for women that are important in your life the perfect gift! The best thing about charm bracelets is that they allow you to buy specific charms that will remind someone of a special time, event, or person in their life. Every charm bracelet is customizable to match your life and memories. So here are 10 beautiful charms for women that your mother, sister, daughter, friend, or any other important woman in your life will love!

1. Purse Charm

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As far as charms for women go, a purse charm is always a great piece that any woman if your life would love! There are even shoe charms as well if they are more of a shoe lover over purse worshiper. This purse charm look gorgeous with it's sterling silver coloring and 14K gold bow. There is also another purse charm by Pandora that has a pink gemstone in place of the gold bow if that's more of the look you want.

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