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If you have a ton of jewelry, but don't want to spend a fortune on specially made jewelry storage, there are plenty of creative ways to store jewelry! The great thing about jewelry is that it's always gorgeous to look at. Because of this, storing all your jewelry can be made either visible or invisible in a room, depending on your taste and style. I'm here to show you a bunch of creative ways to store jewelry to prove that you don't have to spend a ton of money to beautifully (and practically) display your jewelry for easy access and less tangle!

1. Rake Jewelry Rack

Rake Jewelry Rack

This is one of the most unique, creative ways to store jewelry! It's also a great way to reuse an old rake that you no longer use. Cut off the top part of your rake from its wooden stick handle. Then, you can choose to either leave the rake looking the way it is for a more vintage feel, or spray paint it to match your room better. Hammer or drill a nail into your wall where you want to hang your rake, and place it so it is held up with the nail by its center. Then hang all of your necklaces on it like you would any other jewelry rack. It's especially perfect for those of you who love gardening!

2. Hang Utensil Holders

Hang Utensil Holders

For this DIY creative jewelry storage solution, all you need are some cutlery trays, a pack of rubber coated hooks, and a can of spray paint in any color you want (if you want to change the tray color to match your room). First, spray paint each tray and let them fully dry. Then, drill pilot holes into each compartment of the tray where you want your hook to be and screw the hooks in. When finished, screw the tray to a wall using an anchor and a screw. With this method, you will have a customized jewelry display area that can cover a wall in your closet and display all your jewelry beautifully! You may even want to hang your jewelry by color to give it even more of a design factor.

3. Teacup Holder

Teacup Holder

This is an adorable and creative jewelry storage solution if you have a lot of counter or drawer space. Go to your local thrift store (if you want to save money) or department store, and pick out a bunch of different tea cups. It's best if you get tea cups and saucers that match the jewelry colors you wish you store in them. Then, organize your jewelry into each tea cup, matching the corresponding color jewelry with the color cup. You can either lay out your cups and saucers on your dresser top or inside a deep, empty drawer. Keep in mind that if you're storing necklaces, try to limit one or two to a cup to minimize tangle.

4. Mannequin Display

Mannequin Display

Are you more of the fashionista type? Then a mannequin display would be perfect for your room! It's great for hanging necklaces, as well as being able to remind you of where on your neckline some of them will fall and if they'd be right for your outfit. Plus, it's a great way to display your favorite pieces for anyone who comes into your room to see. A mannequin is also a great way to store some of your belts that you can wrap around the waist. The mannequin mainly works for longer fashion necklaces rather than smaller, more delicate pieces that would probably do best in a jewelry box.

5. Ice Cube Tray Storage

Ice Cube Tray Storage

This is probably one of the best creative ways to store smaller, more delicate jewelry pieces. Using ice cube trays to separate all your jewelry is great to use if you want to store your pieces in a drawer. This is especially great for ring and earring storage. Not to mention buying some cheap ice cube trays is a TON cheaper than buying an expensive jewelry box!

6. DIY Jewelry Bar

DIY Jewelry Bar

This is such a sleek and modern looking creative way to store jewelry. All that is used to create this rack is a towel bar and some shower curtain hooks. That's it! The great thing about this rack is you can buy a bar that's as long or short as you need it to be, and you can put as many hooks as you want. You can easily grab and store all of your jewelry using this storage method and you never have to worry about tangling! Plus it's easy to organize your jewelry by color this way, which will make your rack look even better!

7. Adhesive Hook Display

Adhesive Hook Display

This creative way to store jewelry can't get any simpler or easier. Yet, you may not have thought about doing it! Go to any department store and you will find tons of different adhesive hooks that you can apply to your walls to hang things. Use these to create an entire wall in your closet of scattered different sized hooks where you can hang your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The end result will look really interesting and gorgeous!

I hope these ideas inspired you to create your own DIY storage options! What are your favorite ways to store and display your jewelry?

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