7 Best Places to Find Vintage Jewelry ...


7 Best Places to Find Vintage Jewelry ...
7 Best Places to Find Vintage Jewelry ...

As someone who loves vintage jewelry and wears it often, I’m well prepared to share my secrets for all the best places to find vintage jewelry! Many people think it’s very difficult, and nearly impossible to find true vintage jewelry, but the truth is, you just have to know where to look. So if you’re ready to get the inside scoop and discover the best places to find vintage jewelry, keep on reading!

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Grandma’s Attic

May sound strange, but your grandmother is your number one source and one of the best places to find vintage jewelry! Chances are, she has collected quite a few jewelry pieces over the years and wouldn’t mind to part with some. Ask if you can look through boxes in her attic or basement or closet for long-lost and forgotten treasures if she doesn’t mind. You may find more than jewelry, including vintage scarfs and shoes, old photo albums, postcards, collector’s items, and magazines and newspapers, among many other unique and interesting items!


Thrift Stores

I always love to check secondhand and resell shops for true treasure buried among the unwanted piles of clothes and shoes. When people are desperate to get rid of their stuff, they may not take the time to thoroughly check each box or bag they donate, ensuring that your chances of finding exactly what you need are greater than before. Check inside of purses and jewelry boxes, as well as in baskets and vases for forgotten and lost gems.



eBay is my best-kept secret for finding well-taken care of necklaces and bracelets with a vintage flair. Most people who list on eBay are professional, and only sell authentic pieces. You’ll find a large variety to select from, just use caution as with any other website you would purchase from. PayPal is the best way to pay for purchases via eBay.


Antique Stores

If you ever get the chance to check out an antique store, your chances of scoring some lovely vintage pieces of jewelry will triple! From intricate brooches and cameos, to inspiring pendants and sweet pearl clip-ons, your selections will quite possibly be endless. Many people consign their vintage jewelry to antique shops to find a buyer, so you can bet you will find a piece that has been well-taken care of and is worth the value. Can’t hurt to try it out! You may even find a lovely box to store your finds in!


Yard Sales

I love to go to garage sales and yard sales when the weather is nice! You can find great deals on lots of things, but vintage jewelry is one of them for sure. Many times you’ll have a mother, daughter, and granddaughter combining their things, so those are the best places to score vintage jewelry. Remember, the early bird catches the worm, so hit the sales up first thing!


Flea Markets

If you don’t like big crowds and lots of noise, a flea market may not be your cup of tea. But flea markets have such a large variety of people set up at them, that you are bound to find at least one of what you are looking for. Go early in the morning if you want first pick, smaller crowds, and nice weather, but later in the day is when vendors are willing to bargain.



When someone dies and has no family to claim their stuff, or if someone is selling their entire estate, there will generally be an auction to clear out all of their personal effects. If you’re looking for specific pieces of vintage jewelry, your best bet is to hit up auctions! You can find them advertised online, in newspapers, or via local bulletin boards. There is usually a list of what types of items will be sold, so you don’t need to bother with auctions that you’re not interested in.

Now keep in mind that if you are looking for vintage jewelry with authentic stones in them, you may need to pay a little more. You can still get bargains on these items though! Vintage jewelry will range in price depending on the person selling it and if they are ready to drive a deal with you. If you want the feel of vintage without paying the price, check trendy stores in the mall when vintage inspired items are in style. Where do you like to find your vintage jewelry?

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Not so long ago I got myself a vintage ring at a A vintage/antique yard sale.

Pawn shops r your best bet ! People sell grannies jewels !

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