7 Creative Ways to Store Jewelry ...

If you have a ton of jewelry, but don't want to spend a fortune on specially made jewelry storage, there are plenty of creative ways to store jewelry! The great thing about jewelry is that it's always gorgeous to look at. Because of this, storing all your jewelry can be made either visible or invisible in a room, depending on your taste and style. I'm here to show you a bunch of creative ways to store jewelry to prove that you don't have to spend a ton of money to beautifully (and practically) display your jewelry for easy access and less tangle!

1. Rake Jewelry Rack

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This is one of the most unique, creative ways to store jewelry! It's also a great way to reuse an old rake that you no longer use. Cut off the top part of your rake from its wooden stick handle. Then, you can choose to either leave the rake looking the way it is for a more vintage feel, or spray paint it to match your room better. Hammer or drill a nail into your wall where you want to hang your rake, and place it so it is held up with the nail by its center. Then hang all of your necklaces on it like you would any other jewelry rack. It's especially perfect for those of you who love gardening!

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