Diamonds 💎 101: How to Tell if They're Real 👍🏼 or Fake 👎🏼 ...

Some time in your life you might come across jewelry or single stones, either as an heirloom, gift or by some other means, and you might wonder if those diamond-looking jewels are real! While there are many beautiful stones that look like diamonds, you'll still want to know if what you have in your possession is real or not. If your jewels are not in a setting, the process of determining their authenticity is easier because you can see the whole stone. Keep reading for some easy ways to tell if your diamond is real or fake!

1. Sand Paper Test

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A diamond is the hardest mineral on earth. The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. If you suspect you have a fake on your hands, and you don't mind possibly ruining the stone, rub the stone with sand paper. A fake will scuff up no problem while a real diamond will not. Kind of a scary method, however!

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