These Toe Rings Will Look Terrific with Your Spring Sandals ...

By Eliza

These Toe Rings Will Look Terrific with Your Spring Sandals ...

Isn't it glorious when you can bring out all of your sandals and the weather gets warm? Now that you're sporting your favorite flip flops and other kicks, it's time to get your feet into shape. That means getting a great pedicure and sliding on one of these fab toe rings.

Table of contents:

  1. silver dolphins
  2. american flag heart
  3. cute little dragonfly
  4. beachy shell
  5. friendly little turtle
  6. aloha
  7. american flag
  8. bring on the bling
  9. keeping it simple
  10. something totally unique
  11. shoot for the stars
  12. stack them up
  13. sparkly cross
  14. floral for spring
  15. braided together
  16. silver anchor
  17. adorable elephant

1 Silver Dolphins

Silver Dolphins
If you only buy one toe ring this spring, this should be it.

2 American Flag Heart

American Flag Heart
You're going to get tons of use out of this toe ring.

3 Cute Little Dragonfly

Cute Little Dragonfly
This toe ring will look wonderful with shorts and skirts.

4 Beachy Shell

Beachy Shell
What could be more perfect for warm weather than a cute little sea shell?

5 Friendly Little Turtle

Friendly Little Turtle
This little turtle will make you smile every time you see it.

6 Aloha

You don't have to be in Hawaii to enjoy wearing this toe ring.

7 American Flag

American Flag
What would you wear this toe ring with?

8 Bring on the Bling

Bring on the Bling
When you need some sparkle in your life, this toe ring will get the job done.

9 Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple
A toe ring doesn't have to be over the top to be really cool.

10 Something Totally Unique

Something Totally Unique
Wouldn't this look fantastic with all of your favorite spring clothes?

11 Shoot for the Stars

Shoot for the Stars
Celestial jewelry will never go out of style.

12 Stack Them up

Stack Them up
You can wear each of these on their own or you can stack them up and wear them all together.

13 Sparkly Cross

Sparkly Cross
Show off your beliefs with this cool cross toe ring.

14 Floral for Spring

Floral for Spring
Nothing could be more perfect for springtime than a great floral toe ring.

15 Braided Together

Braided Together
Don't you just love the way this ring looks braided? Cool, right?

16 Silver Anchor

Silver Anchor
This is great for days on the boat or time spent shopping or hanging out at home.

17 Adorable Elephant

Adorable Elephant
Isn't this guy super cute?

Do you wear toe rings? Which one tops your list of must haves?

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