Sexy Style Inspo for Women Who Want Their Men to Rock the Bling


Sexy Style Inspo for Women Who Want Their Men to Rock the Bling
Sexy Style Inspo for Women Who Want Their Men to Rock the Bling

Jewelry isn't reserved for women. There are men that can pull off even the most "feminine" accessories and make them look hotter than ever. So if you can't figure out what to buy your boyfriend for his birthday or your anniversary, ask yourself if you think he'd look hot while wearing one of the things on this list. The chances are that these accessories will look sexy on any man:

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Necklaces When a guy like Dean Winchester wears a necklace, he never wants to take it off. Unlike most people, who tend to wear new accessories every single day to match their outfits, guys like Dean have a deep connection with what they're wearing. Maybe their grandmother or their brother gave them the necklace as a gift and they're wearing it in honor of them. Either way, they look sexy, so the story behind it doesn't matter.


These men are not just making a fashion statement; it's more heartfelt than that. A significant piece like a necklace can be an extension of their persona, giving off that effortless cool vibe. It's as if they're saying, "This is me, take it or leave it," their confidence magnified by the simplicity of a single, meaningful piece. And quite frankly, who can resist the charm of a man confident in his own skin, with that kind of subtle, yet undeniable, bling around his neck? It's that kind of quiet swagger that just amps up their appeal.



Watches For some reason, watches look manly, especially when a beefcake has one strapped onto his strong arms. Plus, watches suggest that a man is responsible and can take care of himself. They show that he actually cares about getting to work on time and that he'd never leave a lady waiting on a date. A guy with a watch is a guy you can rely on.



Earrings Some men only wear a piercing in one ear. Other men wear them in both ears. Daring (and some would say, crazy) men will even wear gauges that open up the holes in their ears. No matter what style they're rocking, it can look sexy on any man .


Alternate Piercings

Alternate Piercings Sometimes, ear piercings aren't enough. That's why there are plenty of men with eyebrow rings, lip rings, and nose rings--and most of them look absolutely amazing with them. The right piercing can draw attention to a guy's best features, so the piercings will only make him appear sexier.



Rings There's nothing sexier than seeing a man wear a wedding ring. It shows that he's devoted to his wife and wants everyone to know that he's taken. Of course, that's not the only type of ring that looks hot on a man. Whether he wants to wear his school ring, a football ring, or a ring he bought from the mall, he'll be able to rock it.


A classic signet ring can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, while layered bands give off that edgy, modern vibe. And let’s not overlook the allure of a vintage piece; it can be a conversation starter and adds a layer of personal history. Whether it’s a simple silver band or a bold statement piece studded with stones, rings are an opportunity for men to express their personality and style. Just make sure the ring fits well – nothing undermines a slick look like a ring that's struggling to stay on or one so loose it's at risk of falling off.



Bracelets Any type of man can wear a bracelet, even if he isn't typically interested in jewelry. If he's a surfer dude, he can wear a rope bracelet. If he's in a band, he can wear leather bracelets and chains. If he doesn't really fit into any category, he can wear a rubber wristband to support a charity. No matter what a guy is interested in, he can find a bracelet to fit his personality.


Bracelets are also a fantastic way to subtly incorporate men's style preferences. For the businessman, a sleek stainless steel or titanium bracelet adds a touch of sophistication without overshadowing his tailored suits. Tech-savvy guys might lean towards smart bracelets that not only look good but also track their fitness and notifications. Even the minimalists can embrace this trend with slim, simple bands that echo their no-fuss lifestyle. Just like any other accessory, a bracelet can seamlessly blend into his wardrobe while making a personal statement about his style.



Glasses Looking "nerdy" is in nowadays. Even though glasses used to be considered unfashionable, now they're worn as fashion pieces. Whether or not a man has issues with his eyes, it's always nice to see him wearing a sexy pair of glasses.

There's no reason for male and female fashion to be all that different, because guys can look sexy in the same items that we wear. Does your boyfriend wear any accessories or would he refuse to even try them on?

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Watches are so sexy and are bracelets especially if he has strong arms

@Michelle I agree he guy in five is a hottie!

I'm always attracted by the men with the watches. They look so sexy ^^

The only sexy piece I agree with is the watch. The rest will turn me down in a second

Piercings are a definite no-no. Watches and glasses are so hot!

A watch is fine, and a wedding ring. The guy in pic 5 is cute tho

Rings and watched that's it fore very sexy when they wear thick chunky silver rings oh god!!'

Glasses aren't jewelry. They're a necessary evil for those of us with terrible vision.

Watches on a strong arm😍😍😍

i love men in jewelry, except the lip piercing and rings except a wedding ring, of course :)

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