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Top 10 Cutest Ear Piercings to Get ASAP for Girls Looking to Update Their Look ...

By Infinite

Do you have a cute ear piercing, but want more? Or maybe you're considering your first piercing? The lobe is the obvious place but practically every nook and cranny of the ear can be pierced.

We've got the cutest ear piercings explained here. Be inspired!

1 Multiple Lobes

Multiple LobesMultiple lobe piercings are adorable. You can switch up the jewellery to whatever you like (as long as it is good quality), you can also mix and match! Three-four lobe piercings really gives you a chance to wear different earrings in each hole. Just make sure to get them done with a needle! Healing can be 6weeks-2months.

2 Industrial Piercing

Industrial PiercingThis is so cute and really versatile! It is something out of the ordinary and you will get many compliments because of it! Healing is from 1-2 years as there are two cartilage holes therefore the healing will be quite slow (and painful if you keep knocking it). Once it is finally healed, you can wear many different bars. Look at this cute arrow bar for example!


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3 Conch Hoop

Conch HoopSo gorgeous, oh my gosh! I have got a conch piercing, but with a labret stud. It is advised that you get it pierced with a stud then switch it for a hoop after a full year, or once it is properly healed.

4 Tragus Piercing

Tragus PiercingTragus piercings are more painful than helix piercings, in my opinion. They take only 6-9 months to fully heal and look very pretty. Make sure to get it pierced deep enough so that it does not migrate or reject, which is common with tragus piercings because the tragus is quite small. Hoops make a fabulous option too!

5 Helix Piercings

Helix PiercingsWith the right jewellery, these piercings really look adorable! The healing time can quite lengthy so it's best to get one helix piercing and letting it heal before getting another done. Again, it is advised to pierce it with a stud and change it to a hoop if you want once it is fully healed.

6 Daith Piercing

Daith PiercingCmon, what is this list without a daith piercing? These hurt like crazy, but it is all worth it at the end! Healing is from 6 months to 2 years. After being healed, you can replace the jewellery to a pretty hoop! You probably have seen heart daith rings, but have you seen one in the shape of a moon?

7 Rook Piercing

earrings, ear, close up, chin, cheek,A rook piercing really needs to be looked after properly, or else infections could occur very quickly. You should go to a reputable piercer. Healing time is 1-2 years. After it is healed you can change it out for gorgeous barbells (or get pierced with an amazing piece of jewel for more $$$)

8 Forward Helix

Forward HelixThis is the helix piercing's trickier cousin. The forward helix is reported to be an 8/10 for pain, make it VERY painful to get done! Just like the helix, you should get one done and let it fully heal before getting the other done. There is really pretty jewellery available for this type of piercing!

9 ALL the WAY up

ALL the WAY upWhy not get a combination of lobe and helix piercings going all the way up the ear? If you are up for the wait, then you should consider getting this done! Not all at the same time though as it would be very difficult for them all to heal together!

10 Snug Piercing

Snug PiercingThis one goes across the ear and because it is very thick skin, has many complications and hurts majorly even during the healing process! This is a very easy piercing to get infected due to the location of it. If you like the look of this but want to play it safer, opt for a Faux Snug Piercing. This is a conch piercing and an auricle piercing. You won't have a bar but two separate studs placed close together instead, giving the illusion of a snug piercing!

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