7 Stylish Initial Necklaces ...


7 Stylish Initial Necklaces ...
7 Stylish Initial Necklaces ...

Initial necklace styles tend to be very timeless in their appeal. Initial necklaces are just one way of incorporating more personalised touches to your jewellery collection. While a nameplate necklace may be too obvious, an initial necklace is a subtler option. Personally, I’ve had an initial pendant necklace since birth and it holds a very special place in my jewellery collection. If you’ve ever wanted an initial necklace, or are keen to give one as a gift, take inspiration from the following options.

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ASOS Mini Initial Pendant Necklace

ASOS Mini Initial Pendant Necklace Price: $10.47 at us.asos.com
This initial necklace is a lovely option. It features a delicate enamelled pendant with a metallic frame and initial detailing. The pendant sits on a short gold-tone belcher chain with a bolt clasp closure. You could choose an initial based on your name, that of a loved one, or even a lucky letter.


Forever 21 Initial Necklace

Forever 21 Initial Necklace Price: $3.80 at forever21.com
Add a bit of bling to your everyday look with this rhinestone encrusted necklace. It has a simple design and features a letter charm at the end of an oval chain. It also has a lobster claw clasp and high polish finish. This style of necklace is available in both gold and silver colourways.


Jennifer Meyer Initial Pendant Necklace

Jennifer Meyer Initial Pendant Necklace Price: $1125.00 at barneys.com
If you’re looking for an investment piece, or something to last a lifetime, then this initial necklace is it. It is made from 18-karat yellow gold and features a diamond encrusted pendant. The lowercase type font is also a playful, contemporary touch.


Auroroa Lopez Mejia Initial Necklace

Auroroa Lopez Mejia Initial Necklace Price: $2175.00 at barneys.com
Thought the last necklace was expensive? Well take a look at this one. This 18-karat gold necklace features a gold cable chain and an engraved pendant. The pendant not only contains an initial, but also the words ‘aspire, faith, evolve’. The pendant has a bit of a beaten up look about it, and you’d never guess it costs so much just by looking at it.


Sam Ubhi Initial Pendant Necklace

Sam Ubhi Initial Pendant Necklace Price: $44.76 at us.asos.com.
This initial necklace has a fun and playful design. It is crafted in silver and features a cube initial pendant. The pendant is set on a fine curb chain and features a bolt ring fastening. It’s quite a delicate piece of jewellery that could easily be worn on a daily basis.


Urban Outfitters Initial Heart Locket Necklace

Urban Outfitters Initial Heart Locket Necklace Price: $18.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
This locket necklace has a lovely vintage inspired design. You could easily mistake it for an antique or family heirloom. This necklace features an initial engraved locket that sits on a fine gold-tone chain. Wear it with your favourite vintage dress or your favourite anything, really!


Jennifer Meyer 14-karat Gold Diamond Letter Necklace

Jennifer Meyer 14-karat Gold Diamond Letter Necklace Price: $1500.00 at net-a-porter.com
This initial necklace features an engraved disc pendant. It is made from 14-karat gold and is set with 0.09 to 0.18-carat diamonds, depending upon the letter. The pendant sits on a fine chain with a clasp fastening. This necklace could easily become one of your daily jewellery pieces, making it money well spent.

An initial necklace is something that can be something very personal. I love it when jewellery tells a story or has some significance. What do you think of these initial necklaces?

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Where can I find the gold monogram pendant necklace that the girl is wearing in th picture? With the frilly white shirt and navy sweater? I've been looking everywhere

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