7 Stylish Initial Necklaces ...

Initial necklace styles tend to be very timeless in their appeal. Initial necklaces are just one way of incorporating more personalised touches to your jewellery collection. While a nameplate necklace may be too obvious, an initial necklace is a subtler option. Personally, I’ve had an initial pendant necklace since birth and it holds a very special place in my jewellery collection. If you’ve ever wanted an initial necklace, or are keen to give one as a gift, take inspiration from the following options.

1. ASOS Mini Initial Pendant Necklace

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Price: $10.47 at us.asos.com
This initial necklace is a lovely option. It features a delicate enamelled pendant with a metallic frame and initial detailing. The pendant sits on a short gold-tone belcher chain with a bolt clasp closure. You could choose an initial based on your name, that of a loved one, or even a lucky letter.

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