The Brooch is Back - 21 Ways to Wear This Old Style ...

By Eliza

The Brooch is Back - 21 Ways to Wear This Old Style ...

Maybe you've seen Grandma or Great Aunt Mildred wearing a brooch and wondered what caused it to come into vogue. The truth is that brooches are back in a big way and there are lots of fun ways to wear them. Don't believe me? Check out these brooches and I think you'll change your mind.

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1 Mended Heart

Mended Heart
This shiny and sparkly brooch would look fabulous on a red coat or sweater.

2 Bleeding Rose

Bleeding Rose
This brooch is like a work of art!

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3 Go for Something Funky

Go for Something Funky
Every girl needs a fabulous pink brooch in her jewelry box.

4 Add Some Sparkle to Your Day

Add Some Sparkle to Your Day
You'll give everyone something to talk about with this brooch.

5 Affordable and Gorgeous

Affordable and Gorgeous
At a price like this, you can't afford not to own this brooch.

6 Try Something Vintage

Try Something Vintage
Rock your inner 60s bombshell by pinning this brooch to your blouse.

7 Lovely Snowflake

Lovely Snowflake
Winter gets just a little bit less harsh when you pin this brooch on.

8 Gold Bow

Gold Bow
This shiny gold bow will add instant glam to any outfit.

9 Wear a Flower on Your Dress

Wear a Flower on Your Dress
Your day gets even better when you're wearing a flower.

10 Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Imagine how glorious this would look on a black top.

11 A Simple White Flower

A Simple White Flower
White goes with everything so there's nothing you couldn't wear this brooch with.

12 Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves
Get into the feeling of fall by wearing these leaves on your jacket.

13 Adorable Black Cat

Adorable Black Cat
This little guy adds instant sophistication to any outfit.

14 You Need This Elephant
This friendly little guy will make you smile all day long. I love the blue eye!

15 Bright and Shiny Peacock

Bright and Shiny Peacock
This peacock has just the right touch of old time feel, doesn't it?

16 Vintage Star

Vintage Star What would you wear this with?

17 Fringed Brooch

Fringed Brooch
This glamorous brooch will make any outfit a little bit better.

18 In the Flower Garden

In the Flower Garden
Bring a touch of floral to a basic colored top with this brooch.

19 Bright Red Dragonfly

Bright Red Dragonfly
The splurge for this brooch is totally worth it!

20 Sparkly Fireworks

Sparkly Fireworks
This one looks like fireworks bursting in the air, don't you think?

21 Really Cool Parrot

Really Cool Parrot
Wouldn't this brighten you day?

Are you excited to try the old school brooch trend? Which one are you going to buy first?

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Eliza you showed 21 brooches but not 21 ways to wear it..really looking forward to it

These are fabulous ! Where is 16 from and how much ?? I want it so !!!

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