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The Sexiest Belly Button Rings to Wear This Summer ...

By Eliza

The weather is warming up fast and if you're pulling out your crop tops and bikinis, you're probably paying attention to your middle again. If you have your belly button pierced, it's time to restock your supply and slide in something brand new this year. Here are the best options for this summer

Table of contents:

  1. A little bit bad
  2. Perfect bling
  3. Get edgy
  4. Pretty blue color
  5. Something shiny
  6. American pride
  7. Catch your dreams
  8. Pretty pink flower
  9. Wear a rainbow
  10. Red heart
  11. Go daring with a skull
  12. Red and black anchor
  13. A pair of angel wings
  14. All your love
  15. Cute little seahorse
  16. Something simple
  17. Let the sun shine

1 A Little Bit Bad
Show off your devilish side when you wear this piece.

2 Perfect Bling
You'll sparkle in just the right way with this sparkly little gem.

3 Get Edgy
With a price like this, you'll love wearing this belly ring all summer long.

4 Pretty Blue Color
Want a little bit of color in your life? This piece has just the right amount of blue.

5 Something Shiny
Don't you just love how this one shines?

6 American Pride
Show off your country pride when you wear this one.

7 Catch Your Dreams
This belly ring will make all your dreams come true.

8 Pretty Pink Flower
You love it, don't you?

9 Wear a Rainbow
There will be a rainbow every day when you choose this cool belly ring.

10 Red Heart
If red is your color, this is the choice for you.

11 Go Daring with a Skull
This one is my favorite. Yours too?

12 Red and Black Anchor
This one is different, which is what makes it so perfect.

13 A Pair of Angel Wings
This one is pricey, but totally worth it!

14 All Your Love
Do you love this one as much as I do?

15 Cute Little Seahorse
Isn't this little guy super adorable?

16 Something Simple
Want something simple, but still sparkly? This is perfect for you.

17 Let the Sun Shine
Here's one that is absolutely perfect for spring and summer.

Which one is your favorite?

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