How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape ...

By Neecey

How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape ...

Of course you should wear what earrings you want, but when you want to look polished and in tune with your body, knowing how to accessorize your jewelry to your face shape takes your look to the next level. If you want your earrings to accentuate your beauty, here’s how:

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Rectangular Face

For a rectangular face, you want to wear as large earrings as possible to create the illusion of lots of volume. Things like large hoops, ovals, chandeliers, hearts and crescents are all great choices, just be careful not to go so big that the sharper edges of your earrings start to interfere with your actual face, as this will look completely messy and will be uncomfortable for you in the long run!


Elongated Face

Oval, square or triangular shaped earrings are the best bet for somebody with an elongated face. These shapes will create a hanging look that will perfectly complement your physical features, creating visual volume around your cheek and cheekbone area that might be lacking in dimension. Avoid long, elongated and flat earrings because they will only serve to frame your already elongated features even further.


Triangular Face

If you have an angular, triangular face then it is recommended that you opt for shapes that have curved lines. Oval and circular earrings will hang down from your face and work to counterbalance the triangular nature of it, bringing a visual balance to your overall look that can’t be as easily recreated by doing things like makeup contouring. It’s an easy and great looking way to create an optical illusion!


Oval Face

If you have been blessed with an oval face, then the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to earring choices! The symmetrical and fairly-balanced dimensions of an oval face mean that practically any earring shape will fall in to place perfectly and sit comfortably, so it’s just a case of finding the shape that you personally like the best!


Diamond Face

There is a danger of making a diamond shaped face look very severe if you wear the wrong style of earring, so it is best to stay away from shapes that themselves have a number of sharp edges. You want to look to visibly soften your face edges, so things like ovals, circles and curves are perfect for this. If you want to add maximum dimension, opt for some elongated earrings with enlarged rounded bottom ends.

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Square Face

If you have a prominently square shaped face, then the style of earrings that are going to suit you most will definitely be anything elongated, just so that you don’t run the risk of making your face look bunched up and ‘busy’ with too much in one single area. Long thin pendants, ring shaped items and raindrop shaped pendants are all recommended, whilst shorter hanging shapes are discouraged.


Round Face

Those with a perfectly round face will want to wear a selection of elongated earrings to add more dimension to their look. Wearing long earrings will help to make your face look longer and less ‘stubby’, and you want to avoid huge hoops and broad studs because they will only serve to emphasize the natural roundness that you are trying to play down.

Remember that any piece of jewelry draws the eye and therefore attention to the body part it is worn on. It should complement, not detract or clash.

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