7 Cute Jewelry Pieces to Love Right Now ...


7 Cute Jewelry Pieces to Love Right Now ...
7 Cute Jewelry Pieces to Love Right Now ...

I absolutely adore cute jewelry pieces like most girls out there, and I love finding new ones each season. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look cute, and to give you proof, I found 7 cute jewelry pieces out this season that will give you the most bang for your buck. I have always believed accessories can make or break an outfit, and jewelry is a must-have with any outfit I wear. Since we’ve all got different tastes, I chose these cute jewelry pieces that offer a little bit of everything, from simple to sophisticated. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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The Sophia Bracelet

The Sophia Bracelet This is one of my favorite new cute jewelry pieces of the season. Plus, who can beat the price on this cute little thing? It is brand new and features the popular color turquoise. I love that it makes a bold, yet feminine and fashionable statement. It would be great for stacking bracelets on your wrist and features a tight design so it won’t be too loose on your arm. I bet it would look great paired with a cute sundress and casual pair of sandals. Find it on OpenSky for $8.99.


Initial Charm with Swarovski Charm Necklace

Initial Charm with Swarovski Charm Necklace I’m in love with this cute initial necklace, featuring the spectacular Swarovski charm as a nice addition to this delicate gem of a necklace. This necklace is simple, girly and also stylish, which are three must-haves in my jewelry requirements. This would make a killer gift for yourself or a perfect, inexpensive suggestion to that special someone or even your mom to get you as a gift. As another option, it would make a great gift for you to give someone else. It offers a personal touch with the initial feature that could be worn with everything from jeans to a sexy little sundress. Get it at OpenSky for $28.


Gold Indian Earrings by Nautical Wheeler Jewelry

Gold Indian Earrings by Nautical Wheeler Jewelry I’m officially in love with these earrings! They are incredibly feminine, stylish and make such a statement! I think they would pair well with anything from jeans to a dress, and I can most certainly see them complementing a perfect beach tan this summer! They would also make a great gift option for any fashionista out there, without breaking your budget. They're $24 at OpenSky.


Stone Drop Pendant Necklace by Charming Charlie

Stone Drop Pendant Necklace by Charming Charlie **

Charming Charlie’s is one of my favorite places to find the latest jewelry that is stylish, affordable and super trendy. They have all the hottest jewelry pieces, like this Stone Drop Necklace that I just can’t stop eyeing. It is perfect for summer or winter and would go with a variety of outfit options. I particularly love that it is subtle in design, but bold in color, making it perfect for any girl out there! Get it at any Charming Charlie store for $13.


The Origami Owl Living Locket

The Origami Owl Living Locket I’m in love with the Origami Owl Living Locket concept. It is so fashionable, yet personalized exactly to you and your design. The great thing is, you build our own locket over time complete with charms, stones, chains and more. Much like a charm bracelet, it grows in design each time you add a new piece to your locket. I also adore that the company embraces helping women start a career. Origami Owl recruits women nationwide to sell their jewelry, giving them their own entrepreneurship. Either way, this item has been on my wish list for quite some time and it's not coming off anytime soon. I’d love to wear my locket with anything and everything and have a feeling it might just be my forever piece of neck candy! Find it on Origami Owl starting at $5.


Flower Ring Set by Forever 21

Flower Ring Set by Forever 21 Forever 21 is my go-to place for inexpensive jewelry that doesn’t look cheap! It also holds up really well over the years and their fashion is right on with today’s trends. What other place can you rack up on fashionable finds at such a great price? This ring set is a perfect example of up-to- date fashion, and it would pair well with anything from dressy to casual. I especially love the bold gold color paired with the delicate pink stones, what about you? This set is $5.80 at Forever 21.


Turquoise Stacking Ring by H&M

Turquoise Stacking Ring by H&M If you like turquoise and gold, this ring is a must-have in your jewelry collection! This ring is all about sophisticated style and all for a ridiculously good price. Plus, who doesn’t love H&M, the fashion store for everybody, right? At the low price of $9.95, you could also afford to buy one of the many cute tops the store has for sale!

If you love cute jewelry pieces that don’t cost a lot, I would sure love to hear about them! Share your ideas and finds with me and place some links in the comments section. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry at the moment?

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I love the locket, number 5

I love her

I love the third one!

I have 6 that Los came from forever 21 but its a heart,star and round stone in a dark grey metal.

Also...typo above

Love the Origami Owl.. are so pretty and delicate!!!

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