7 Cute Jewelry Pieces to Love Right Now ...

I absolutely adore cute jewelry pieces like most girls out there, and I love finding new ones each season. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look cute, and to give you proof, I found 7 cute jewelry pieces out this season that will give you the most bang for your buck. I have always believed accessories can make or break an outfit, and jewelry is a must-have with any outfit I wear. Since we’ve all got different tastes, I chose these cute jewelry pieces that offer a little bit of everything, from simple to sophisticated. Check them out and let me know what you think!

1. The Sophia Bracelet

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This is one of my favorite new cute jewelry pieces of the season. Plus, who can beat the price on this cute little thing? It is brand new and features the popular color turquoise. I love that it makes a bold, yet feminine and fashionable statement. It would be great for stacking bracelets on your wrist and features a tight design so it won’t be too loose on your arm. I bet it would look great paired with a cute sundress and casual pair of sandals. Find it on OpenSky for $8.99.

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