5 Ways to Rock a Ruby Pendant after Valentine's ...

February 14th has gone, and this day of love and romance yielded a beautiful ruby pendant as a gift. While it was just perfect for your date night, you now wonder how to make this beauty a part of your charming appeal more often, instead of just saving it for special occasions and at times forgetting about it altogether. Fear not. These style tips are sure to help you.

1. Layer It up

If initially, you wore your adorable gift the classic way with a simple princess or matinee length chain, it’s time to amplify your style with a layered look. Wear the pendant on a longer length of chain and add other simple chains. The layered chain could be of varying width and design and can be decorated with small monogrammed charms or have another stone pendant that pairs well with the colors of your outfit.

Tip: Do not overcrowd the layers. This would take attention away from your ruby pendant.