8 Best Types of Piercings and Why I Love Them ...


Have you ever been stuck in your conquest to find the best types of piercings for you?

Well, I am going to give you some of my favorite types of piercings and why I think they’re so cool and will enhance your look.

Piercings help express personality and give you some flair.

I love them!

So, here are my best types of piercings, I'm sure you'll find one you'd consider trying!

1. Nose


I love nose rings because they are so versatile.

They can be hoops, studs, shape outlines, silver or gold, colorful or plain, or glittery rhinestones.

I’ve had both the hoop and the stud, and I love the way they look.

Nose piercings look great on almost anyone too, even celebrities like Ke$ha and Demi Lovato!

Also, the great thing about it is that at some jobs, a small stud is totally appropriate!

It's definitely one of the best types of piercings in my book.

2. Eyebrow


I love eyebrow piercings.

They give you a sexy, edgy, rocker look.

They definitely add a cool dimension to any outfit too.

They are versatile as well, because an eyebrow piercing can be spiked, a bar, or have a ball at the ends.

I love that Fergie has one, and especially when Zoe Saldana rocked one in the film The Losers!

3. Septum


The septum piercing is becoming more and more popular these days, and I’m happy it is!

This one is super versatile too.

The ring can be worn many different ways!

If you’re ever going for a job interview that is a bit more conservative style wise, you can always flip it up.

Either way, this piercing is pretty awesome.

4. Monroe


This one oozes sex appeal.

It pays homage the ever-quoted Marilyn Monroe, who was the ultimate sex symbol of her time.2

It adds a demure touch to your appearance.

I love that it is elegant too!

I would definitely love to try it one day!

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