7 Amazing Indie Jewelry Designers to Check out Now!

Jewelry is one of my biggest obsessions, and I especially love indie jewelry designers! I love to support individual artisans and small businesses who make gorgeous jewelry. I've been fortunate to experience some absolutely stunning jewelry by lesser-known talents, and those pieces are some of my all-time favourites! Here are 7 amazing indie jewelry designers!

1. Buket Birlik

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Turkish designer Buket Birlik is one of my all-time favorite indie jewelry designers. Her jewelry line consists of unique, earthy pieces, with wood being the main material. This collection features interesting use of color, beautiful lines and shapes that are sometimes simple (several square panels lined up next to each other, each a different color), and sometimes intricate (hand-carved autumn leaves, midnight-black butterflies with silvery accents). Here you'll find a balance of romantic girly pieces and edgy statement work. Birlik's full-time gig as an architect is evident in these thoughtfully constructed adornments.

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