7 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Make on Your Own ...


7 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Make on Your Own ...
7 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Make on Your Own ...

If you’re busy, into fine jewelry or one particular brand, you might not be interesting to know more about handmade jewelry. Creative ones who do have some free time on their hands could probably use some ideas and a place to share their own. Now, if you’re a beginner and not very skilled in making jewelry you’d definitely want somebody to tell you more about all those cool jewelry pieces you can make on your own, even if you don’t have a bunch of super-duper, expensive tools. Well, this post is going to be all about those so check out these ideas and have fun exploring the world of unique, handmade bling!

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If you have a charm bracelet or any other bracelet chunky enough to be used as one, you might want to consider making unique charms to personalize it with. I’ve seen a lot of totally adorable cookie and doughnut shaped charms made from special plasteline clay and I must say they looked just as good as those expensive, brand-name ones. This type of plasteline is different than the one kids play with although the method is pretty much time same. Sculpt the shape you want, run a needle through it in a spot where you want the hole to be and bake in the oven (leave the needle inside so your hole won’t shrink during baking). This will make your charm rock-hard and the only thing left for you to do is make it shiny (I’ve used clear nail polish but I’ve you’re planning to become a pro at it, you might want to get something better).



Earrings definitely fall under the category of jewelry pieces you can make on your own, ladies! You can take apart and re-design the ones you already have or visit arts and crafts shops to stock up on all the things you’ll need to start making brand new ones. Use beads, plasteline clay, silver, gold or copper wire or even leather and fabrics. This creative activity is good for your brain and good for your style and, if you thought it can’t get any better than that, I’d have to say you’re wrong. You can always sell the pieces you don’t have time to wear and turn this fun hobby into a profitable part-time job.


Macramé Bracelets

Macramé bracelets are very popular these days so, if you’re looking for inspiration and new ideas for pieces of jewelry you can make on your own, here’s one technique you could definitely master. I know a woman that makes a pretty good income selling these and she often adds beads or silver elements and even invents totally new knotting patterns in order to keep her stuff fresh and interesting.


Beaded Necklaces

Pearls, glass beads, natural stones or even gems – the choice is yours to make it and, in case making decisions is not your strong side, you can always use them all. Being creative enough to make something totally new or skilled enough to re-create or modify a style that’s already popular is all it takes and I’m sure there is a creative genius hiding inside of you, just waiting to be unleashed!



Made with feathers, leather, fabrics, beads or anything you could imagine – these eye-catching accessories are often placed in the “jewelry” category and should definitely be treated as such. One of my friends from high school found out making brooches is what makes her happy and now runs a small but very successful business. You, of course, don’t have to sell them, you can do it because you like wearing them , because you like giving handmade gifts or both.


Beaded Rings

Did you know you can make a ring out of little plastic beads and fishing nylon only? Yup, I’ve found a pattern at Burda website and I’ve been waiting to try it for months now! I have the beads and I have the nylon so the only thing left to find is some spare time. I’m sure there’s plenty of other ways to combine beads with other materials such as wire, elastic bands and whatnot so, if you want to make a ring from scratch and have enough free time to do it- go ahead and do let me know how it turned out.


Name Bracelets

Oh, I used to make tons of those when I was a kid and, although I’m not sure if name bracelets are still popular, I simply had to list them as they are not only pieces of jewelry you can make yourself simply for the sake of fashion, but a very nice, creative project for your kids too. Use old plastic bottles to cut out flat strips to use as a base and then wrap threads of yarn around, making sure you use two colors- one as a base and one to form letters. In fact, let me know if you’re interested in these – I’ll do a post on them and explain everything step by step.

But, the list doesn’t end here! In fact, the moment you give it some thought you’ll find out there are many more pieces of jewelry you can make on your own – you just never thought about it before! So, tell me – have you ever made something and would you be willing to give it a shot?

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