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The best statement earrings are pieces of jewelry that stand out the most. After all, they frame your face and finish off your look. When it comes to accessories however, you never want them to outshine your whole appearance. Instead, they should add on to what you have but still make a statement. So if you are lacking in statement jewelry pieces, check out some of the best statement earrings on this list.

1. Tinley Road Bell Shape Drop Earrings

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One of the best statement earrings to check out is Tinley Road’s Bell Shape Drop Earrings. They are a gorgeous pair of earrings that have an expensive and luxurious look. They come with a gold finish, standard post backing and bright detailing. It is perfect for this winter holiday season!

Price: $26 at 5thvillage.com


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J.Crew's Jeweled Fan Drop Earrings are to die for. They have an intricate pattern, filled with rocks of sensual colors that carry an elegant resemblance to the tail of a peacock. You will definitely turn some heads with these babies on.

Price: $39 at jewelsgood.com

3. Alexis Bittar Suspended Labradorite Earrings

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Alexis Bittar Suspended Labradorite Earrings create a floating effect with the use of its Swarovski crystal-encrusted metal frames and labradorite stones. It is truly a timeless piece of jewelry that will serve a lifetime in your accessory box.

Price: $225 at 5thvillage.com

4. Dannijo Kendall Earrings

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Dannijo Kendall Earrings are for those women who appreciate looks of admiration. These dropping pieces of mixed metal give off a bohemian and sophisticated feel. They are bold, fun and daring. Trust me, everyone wants a pair.

Price: $495 at charmandchain.com

5. Lulu Frost Stardust Earrings

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Lulu Frost Stardust Earrings have a bold silhouette that looks great with almost any updo. In addition it has a 70s glam rock feel with more of a modern spin. Grab this pair of earrings and you will definitely make a statement.

Price: $232 at lulufrost.com

6. Sabine Vintage Cabochon Drop Earring

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You would be fooling everyone you see with these earrings on because they look a lot more expensive than they cost. Sabine Vintage Cabochon Drop Earring exude confidence and elegance with creamy pink color and gold metal detailing, making them perfect for a date night!

Price: $17 at 5thvillage.com

7. Kate Spade New York Statement Earrings

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Kate Spade's Statement Earrings are perfect chandelier accessories that hypnotize with its reflecting properties. They are simple, sophisticated and graceful, making them perfect for almost any event in your life.

Price: $98 at couture.zappos.com

8. Elizabeth Cole Tonatiuh Sundance Drops

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Elizabeth Cole Tonatiuh Sundance Drops are vintage holy-grail earrings made out of stainless steel post, Swarovski crystals, vintage glass stone and 24K gold. They feature a number of vibrant colors and an exquisite design, that is perfect for today’s adventurous wearers.

Price: $318 at findnsave.newsobserver.com

9. Loren Hope Perla Earrings

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Loren Hope Perla Earrings are a breathtaking accessory made out of antiqued brass, surgical steel posts, Swarovski crystal and glass cabochons. These statements earrings are bursting with colors without giving off a cheap look.

Price: $105 at thefollyboutique.com


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Bauble Bar Opal Galactic Drops have a futuristic silhouette that is out of this world and leave very little to be desired. They consist of creamy opal stones that beautifully reflect light and an acrylic and metal base. It is a beautiful piece of accessory for those on a budget.

Price: $36 at pradux.com


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Bauble Bar Floral Pulitzer Drops are multi-colored floral drops with a feminine style. They have an acrylic, plated base metal and a post back. Admit it, they were made to catch attention!

Price: $36 at baublebar.com

Accessories are often necessary to complete a look and add more flavor to an outfit. Earrings in particular, are crucial in framing the face and transforming an outfit from simple to glamourous. So which pair of statement earrings are now on your shopping list?

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