7 Elegant Jewelry Sites That I Love to Frequent ...


7 Elegant Jewelry Sites That I Love to Frequent ...
7 Elegant Jewelry Sites That I Love to Frequent ...

Now that the holidays are only a breath away, I've found myself frequenting a variety of phenomenal jewelry sites. As a collector of accessories, I always find myself searching for both trendy and unconventional pieces. The best part about shopping is indexing different items as gift ideas. Keep these lovely jewelry sites in mind for the upcoming holidays and important anniversaries!

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CM Jewels

Site: cmjewels.com

Recently launched online, CM Jewels by Christine Muller is one of the most elegant jewelry sites that I have ever stumbled on. Featuring an array of exquisitely designed accessories, you will find that it is difficult to not fall in love with this company. Each piece is intricately structured and accessible, thus adding diversity to any look. I purchased the "Royal Blue Flower Earrings" as a gift for myself and could not be more impressed by their quality.


Overstock Jeweler

Site: overstockjeweler.com

This has steadily become one of my favorite online shops to visit. While the price range varies, I find it interesting that the designers are able to make the items seem as if they have been tailored to fit the tastes of many fashionistas. This site is known for jewelry that often follows certain themes, i.e. holidays, seasons, books.


World Market

Site: worldmarket.com

If you are as into inexpensive jewelry as I am, then you'll be excited when you hear more about this next company. I am a major fan of the distinct detailing featured on every item on this site. World Market caters to people who are on a budget, offering many items at affordable prices. This site also uses themes to categorize its products.


Made with Love Jewelry Handmade by Shana

Site: madewithlovejewelry.tumblr.com

As a customer for over a year, Shana never fails to amaze me with the amount of dedication she puts into creating key pieces. Made With Love Handmade Jewelry features inexpensive products with amazing quality; one of the greatest perks is that the seller is always willing to customize items, hosts fun giveaways and is extremely personable.


Forever 21

Site: forever21.com

I've actually purchased quite a few trendy jewelry products from fashion retailer Forever 21 that have lasted for a long time. It's all about looking at each part of the item closely. A trick that I like to use to ensure that my items will not rust is paint them with clear nail polish.



Site: baublebar.com

When I am in need of last minute gifts, this next shop is my go-to place. If you are searching for unique jewelry to add to your collection, look no further. There is even a section strictly dedicated to weddings. Not only is shipping free, but returns are easy. What could be better than this?



Site: kohls.com

Last but not least, the department store Kohl's has a wonderful line that is accessible to people of all ages. I was recently introduced to this store and have become obsessed ever since. Kohl's always has great options and major sales. Check the website to see if there are any locations in your area.

I am always on the hunt for interesting and inexpensive jewelry pieces to add to my expansive collection. The holidays are a great excuse to celebrate your friendships by giving out fun accessories! What are some shops that you like to frequent?

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