7 Alternatives to Diamond for Girls Who like to Stand out ...

By Laura

7 Alternatives to Diamond for Girls Who like to Stand out ...

There has never been a time when I haven’t loved alternatives to diamond. In a world where the guys in our lives constantly hear “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, this can make life a little awkward for those of us who think otherwise. As far as I am concerned, true diamond devotees are welcome to their twinkly gems. I prefer alternatives to diamond; here are seven of them.

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1 Emerald

Emerald Emeralds are my favorite alternatives to diamond. I think this has a lot to do with me seriously loving antique jewelry. Now, sadly for those who are hoping for budget alternatives, emeralds don’t fall into that category. These glistening green beauties are sometimes more expensive than diamonds. I personally feel they look especially great on necklaces. Not so much on rings.

2 Fluorite

Fluorite I just LOVE fluorite rings. The smoother the stone is, the better. Fluorite usually comes in blue, but you can find it in green also. I personally like it when fluorite is bridging that little area between blue and green, so it changes color a little when the light hits it. Fortunately for those buying gifts on a budget, fluorite isn’t too expensive!

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3 Jade

Jade There is something slightly medieval about jade gemstones. I find it hard to look at one and see anything but nature’s loveliness! Corny as that sounds, so many other gemstones are carved into a shape we expect them to be, but jade is usually presented in its natural glory! Jade as a gemstone is meant to symbolize the calm in the midst of the storm. I’m not into gemstone healing, but that certainly is a great asset if you need a little trinket that can get you through tough times.

4 Moonstone

Moonstone It is easy to see where moonstone gems get their name from when you look at them. They literally look like a shining moon! Again, these gems are great if you are on a budget, as the price is usually determined by the metal it is set in. Personally, I feel as though moonstones and platinum work beautifully together. That naturally makes them cost a lot more than if you are aiming for a metal like silver, but the shine is beyond captivating when the two are combined.

5 Sardonyx

Sardonyx Sardonyx is like a little blistering sunset in a stone. Sometimes I look at it and find it hard to believe that it is a gemstone at all! It really is, which means you need to find an item that lets it stand out. Large pendants are great, or bracelets packed with the stuff. Sardonyx is also really easy to carve, so it isn’t difficult to find it in a variety of unique shapes.

6 Peridot

Peridot Peridot is fast becoming a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. Despite that, it really isn’t too expensive. However, not all peridot rings will look as magnificent as each other. You really need to shop hard to make sure the one you choose is gorgeous. By not taking your time, you could end up with something that looks cheap.

7 Ruby

Ruby I had a beautiful ruby ring when I was a teenager, which I snagged after a distant relative died. Then I took it to Last Vegas and it got sucked up in the pool and I never saw it again! To me, the deeper your ruby is, the better it looks. There are pale rubies available, but what is the point in that? Ruby screams passion when you let it adopt its deepest color, so try aiming for really red gems!

There are dozens of alternative gemstones out there. While not all ladies will want to forego diamonds for a gemstone alternative, I am positive that many will! If you are a gemstone loving lady, take my advice and hint away before someone buys you a present. Also, what is your favorite diamond alternative?

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They're all so beautiful! Looooove Jade.


My engagement ring is actually black diamonds, which I absolutely adore! :)

I like the Moonstone and Ruby :)

you forgot white topaz!!! my engagement ring is a 6 carat white topaz and I love it! ??

I love mostly all of these. Emerald and Rubys are my favourite. Striking deep colours. But Peridot is a beautiful bright green which i love so much! Plus moonstone is lovely when it catches the light!!

I LOVE the moonstone!

That peridot is so beautiful

Opals, just love them. Fabulous depth & colours

I think alexandrite is a very very good alternative too.

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