Bling Fit for a Princess - Kate Middleton's Jewelry ...

Like her outfits, Kate Middleton’s jewelry fits her style perfectly. She might have the opportunity to have the blingiest bling in her jewelry box, but, just like her wardrobe, her collection is an eclectic mix of high design, high-class and high street.

1. Engagement Ring

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When talking about the jewelry Kate Middleton wears, we have to start with that amazing engagement ring! The ring that once belonged to William’s mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, is a Ceylon sapphire created by the former Crown Jeweler Garrard & Co. It contains a staggering 14 solitaire diamonds that surround a twelve-carat stone, all set, of course, in 18 carat white gold. Great work, Wills. Who could have said no with a ring like that!

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