38 Cute Pieces of Bow Jewelry ...

By Neecey

38 Cute Pieces of Bow Jewelry ...

The lovely thing about bow jewelry is that it comes as earrings, belly bars, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chokers ... you name it. It can be delicate or shout it loud. Ready to bow down to some bow jewelry (see what I did there? ^_^)

1 Ear Cuff Dainty Bow - Non Pierced

TheLazyLeopard on Etsy
Price: $7.00

2 Silver Chain LOVE Anklet

DeliBejeweled on Etsy
Price: $8.99

3 Bow Tie Knot Shaped Ribbon Stud Earrings in Turquoise on Gold

DOTOLY the Animal Themed Jewelry and Gift Store
Price: $4.00

4 Pink Polka Dot and White Rose Flower Stud Gold Ear Cuff Set

sweetpeepshere on Etsy
Price: $10.40

5 Fashion Crystal Pave Bow Ribbon Stud Earrings Silver

Price: $14.50

6 Skinny Sterling Silver Forget Me Knot Bow Tie Ring

PaupersBounty on Etsy
Price: $50.00

7 Silver Bow Anklet with Turquoise Beads

DeliBejeweled on Etsy
Price: $11.99

8 Sterling Silver Bow Bracelet

Vintage stamp jewels
Price: $22.50

9 Cutie Bow Silver Bio Flexible Tragus

PiercingRoom on Etsy
Price: $10.95

10 Sterling Silver Bow Anklet

Vintage stamp jewels
Price: $17.50

11 Sterling Silver Bow Knot Ear Cuff

simplyyj on Etsy
Price: $10.00

12 Rhinestone Bow Stud Ear Cuff Set with Silver Chainmaille

sweetpeepshere on Etsy
Price: $8.00

13 Dainty and Feminine Silver Cuff with Gun Metal Black Bow Charm

Merlin's Apprentice Jewelry & Design
Price: $8.95

14 Cell Phone Home Button Sticker Charm for IPhone 4s,4g,5,5c

StudioHappyFish on Etsy
Price: $2.99

15 Gift Wrapping Bow Necklace

laonato on Etsy
Price: $14.00

16 11th Doctor Charm Necklace

woodspriteanon on Etsy
Price: $10.00

17 FOREVER 21 Bow Jewelry Set

Forever 21
Price: $5.90

18 Triple Threat Earrings

Price: $7.50

19 Bow and Rainbow Rhinestone Wrapping Ear Studs

LilyFair Jewelry
Price: $15.99

20 Kate Spade New York Skinny Mini Bow Ring

Price: $48.00

21 Mint Bow Ring, Adjustable Ring, Cotton Fabric

Leini Jewelry
Price: $7.55

22 Sterling Silver Mini Bow Ear Studs

artstudio88 on Etsy
Price: $6.99

23 14k Gold Bow Ring

Lilla Stjarna
Price: $28.00

24 Heart Choker Velvet Bow

JusDesigns on Etsy
Price: $6.75

25 Gold Bow Bangle

Price: $14.30

26 Tiffany & Co. Bow Ring in Platinum with Diamonds

Tiffany & Co.
Price: $2400.00

27 Bronze Bow Earrings

Garcia Design
Price: $16.00

28 Pink Butterfly Bow Heart Charm Dangling Earrings

stephaniecch on eBay
Price: $2.80

29 Bow, Blue White Red Earrings, Beaded Bow Studs

LovingCorner on Etsy
Price: $12.00

30 Ruby Red Glitter Ribbon Stud Earrings

Price: $5.99

31 Fashion Crystal Pave Bow Ribbon Stud Earrings Teal

Price: $11.99

32 Duo-Tone Bow Ring

Forever 21
Price: $3.80

33 Silver and Gold Plated Clear CZ Bow Ear to Cartilage Stud Earring

Price: $14.99

34 Leather Bow Bracelet Cuff Bangle

BrandiaManufacture on Etsy
Price: $14.00

35 Gold Bow Earrings

Beautiful by Charlene
Price: $20.00

36 Silver Bow Earrings

BijuBrill on Etsy
Price: $25.00

37 Butterfly on a Pink Bow Ring

NeonAngelDesign on Etsy
Price: $9.15

38 Beaded Bow Bracelet

Designs By Stephene
Price: $70.00

I've got my eye on those Tiffany bows! Anyone got a couple thousand bucks going spare? Any here you must have?

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