Cutesy Jewelry to Wear This Winter ...

By Teresa

Cutesy Jewelry to Wear This Winter ...

A lot of girls stick to outerwear accessories in the winter, but I’m still all about that jewelry game, and you should be too! If you’re looking for cute jewelry to wear this winter that won’t break the bank, this is definitely the list for you to check out! You’ll want to own it all!

1 Faux Pearl Ear Jacket Set
These dainty little earrings make the perfect winter accessory and they’re only $5.90 from Forever 21!

2 Rhinestone Rose Pendant Headband
I don’t know about you, but I’m in love with this rose headband! The gold accents are so pretty but simple! This is on sale for just $4.90!

3 Filigree Charm Necklace
Don’t you love this little pendant? It’s such a girly look that goes perfectly with any winter look and it’s only $3.90!

4 Faux Gem Rose Earrings
The cluster look to these earrings is magnificent, and so perfect for a classic style with a twist this winter. Plus, for just $3.90, you really can’t go wrong!

5 Faux Pearl Ear Pins
These ear pins are so stunning and so unique! I love how they follow the natural curve of your ear but also look so different! These are also only just $3.90!

6 Rhinestone Circle Charm Necklace
The minimalist design of this necklace is perfect for the girl who loves simple style and is looking to get the perfect simple look! It’s a great necklace with an even greater pricetag—it’s only $4.90!

7 Beaded Chain Bracelet Set
The little beads of this bracelet are so perfectly dainty. The bracelet is simple but will make such a statement against your winter wardrobe this year!

8 Bird Charm Longline Necklace
This adorable bird makes this necklace the perfect accessory for the girl who’s looking for girly style without being too much. For only $4.90, it’s a steal!

9 Faux Stone Drop Earrings
I own these earrings, so I can vouch for the fact that these faux stone drop earrings are so cute when worn in the winter! The pale pink color is perfect for a snowy day, and they’re only $4.90!

10 Rhinestone Ear Jackets
A lot of people associate silver jewelry with the wintertime, because silver isn’t as warm a metal as gold. These earrings are so cute and only $4.90!

11 Floral Statement Necklace
I love how this statement necklace is chunky without being too abrasive or in your face. It’s perfect for the girl with subtle style who wants to make a statement, and it’s only $13.90!

12 Faux Gem Statement Necklace
Don’t you just love the colors in this $17.90 necklace? They’re muted and perfect for the winter months.

13 Rhinestone Ring Set
These sleek rings are only $4.90 and perfect for the minimalist girl in all of us!

14 Faux Gemstone Statement Necklace
These giant gemstones turn this necklace into a piece that I know I can’t live without this winter! Plus, for only $7.90, I think it’s necklace that we all need to add to our collections!

15 Gold Rhinestone Ring Set
These $3.90 rings are to die for! I love how they’re distressed but still feature rhinestones!

16 Rhinestone Faux Pearl Ring
I love the look of this ring! It gives off classic vibes but it’s also a little bit edgy- it’s so cute and such a steal for only $3.90!

17 Faux Pearl Ear Jackets
Ear jackets are a huge trend this year, so wear them well with this simple $3.90 pair!

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry on this list? Will you wear any of these pieces this year? Let me know in the comments!

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