10 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Fall ...


10 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Fall ...
10 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Fall ...

Fall fashion trends are in abundance this season, but they wouldn’t be complete without their finishing touches, the must-have jewelry pieces for fall. Whatever your style or look, there are accessories to meet your every chic craving. To add touches of polished refinement into your wardrobe try a few of these 10 must-have jewelry pieces for fall.

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Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings The return of the earring made a grand comeback for fall after being shown in so many spring collections this year. This time it’s the bigger and bolder, the better. To maximize the potential impact, choose chandelier, decorated drop or supersized cocktail style earrings. The embellished earring adds to the richness of the season’s brocade trend while still being a fun and striking statement.


Collar Necklaces

Collar Necklaces Get your rocks on with chic collar necklaces. Sitting at your collarbone, these necklaces are extremely flattering and make for an elongated elegant neck. Investing in a collar necklace this season will pay off as this versatile trend can easily take you from day to night.


Cool Cuffs

Cool Cuffs Cuff bracelets are strong and give any outfit that much needed edge. To embrace this super hero-esque look opt for cool cuffs that are a little longer and you’ll be feeling like wonder woman in no time. Again, cuffs are versatile for any season as you can play up any style or trend with these bracelets whether it be glam rock or tribal.


Bold Brooches

Bold Brooches Best known as your grandma’s favourite accessory, bold brooches are another jewelry trend making its return into fashion. Channel your granny chic to wear your bejeweled brooches with a retro lady look to perfect true ladylike dressing. Embellished with sparking sequins and stones, bold brooches add a luxe feel to any outfit.


Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings Fall 2012 has a recurring theme and it’s bigger is definitely better. This extravagant piece of jewelry is a statement in itself and choosing an attention-grabbing piece is simple when it comes to picking supersized cocktail rings. Metals, precious stones and gems are the way to go when selecting the crème de la crème of cocktail rings for fall.


Cocktail rings are the perfect accessory to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. This fall, oversized rings are the trend, so choose a statement piece that will draw attention. Look for metals such as gold, silver, or platinum, or add a touch of sparkle with precious stones and gems. When wearing a cocktail ring, it’s best to keep the rest of your jewelry minimal so that the ring can be the focus. This season, make a statement with a bold and beautiful cocktail ring.


Black Jewelry

Black Jewelry Embrace your dark side this season. Dark shades and tones are always popular for fall and now we are seeing this inky palette translated into jewelry. Specifically these black pieces have a gothic vibe with choker necklaces and crucifix accents. When combined with other major fall trends like furs and leather, dusky black jewelery shimmers even more against an all black colour palette.


Folklore Fantasy

Folklore Fantasy Folk inspired costumes are receiving a modern update this fall in designer collections and jewelry is close behind with this pretty prairie trend. With long beaded necklaces and eclectic pendants, this jewelry trend incorporates a 60s and 70s vibe for a cool psychedelic boho chic look. Mixing a multitude of beaded chains with embroidered accents, feathers and tassels makes this folk style an enchanting tale.


Bright Plastics

Bright Plastics Cyber coloured plastic pieces add a touch of art deco geometry with chunky shapes and styles in the form of funky bracelet bangles and collar necklaces. The hyper colour gives any outfit this fall a vivid pop of bright saturation. Opt for pieces with oversized designs and strong structure to reinforce this graphic geo trend.


Colour Burst

Colour Burst A kaleidoscope of coloured jewels and stones makes for a rainbow fantasy this fall. Multi-coloured crystals and gems are predominant in necklaces and earrings where the shimmering sparkle can shine on all season long. Choose pieces with a variety of hues for maximum brilliant colour.


Military Inspired

Military Inspired Getting down and dirty in the trenches has never looked so good with fall’s military inspired trend. Military looks are all about earthy tones and neutrals paired with ornamented embellishments ranging from bronze and metal studding to bold buckles. Achieving a chic Army worthy wardrobe is as simple as including structured pieces that reflect the military look. Pieces like braided accessories, medallions and pins or brooches in stars and emblems will help you reach style maven status.

Fashion jewelry is an easy way to play with your look for fall. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so which must have jewelry pieces will you be mixing into your style this season?

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