8 Styles of Cute Christmas Jewelry Wardrobe ...


8 Styles of Cute Christmas Jewelry Wardrobe ...
8 Styles of Cute Christmas Jewelry Wardrobe ...

It’s that time of year when we can pull out the festive and cute Christmas jewelry! I have a hard time deciding what my favorite types of cute Christmas jewelry are, so I love having a whole month to wear all different styles. If you keep on reading, you’ll discover 8 different styles of cute Christmas wardrobe to keep your party looks updated this year!

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Dainty Snowflakes

Perhaps one of my favorite jewelry styles for cute Christmas jewelry is dainty snowflakes. You can wear them on any piece of jewelry, and even in your hair on bobby pins and barrettes. Earrings with dainty snowflakes on them can really stand out, and will look cute throughout the winter season, and not just at Christmas time!


Cutesy Snowmen

I think a charm bracelet or a pair of earrings with cute little snowmen on them will be a darling addition to your Christmas jewelry wardrobe! I’ve seen many variations, but my favorite has to be tiny glass snowmen. Christmas is the time of year to break out of your jewelry ruts, so don’t be afraid to try something new!


Quirky Santas

If you have the type of personality to pull off quirky jewelry, don’t hesitate to try a piece of jewelry with Santa on it! An ugly sweater Christmas party, or any kind of jolly get together will be perfect to display your Santa jewelry. I’ve seen special light-up pins or earrings around Christmas time, so if you see one, grab it up to sport around the holidays!


Festive Holly

When I was a teenager, I had a pair of earrings and a matching pendant necklace that had a little charm with sprig of holly and berries on it. Of course it was my favorite piece of jewelry to wear around the holiday season. You can be sure that you will be feeling merry and bright with a holly inspired piece of jewelry!


Delicate Angels

Nothing will help you to feel more angelic this season than wearing something with…angels! My grandmother used to have a beautiful pin, gifted to her by my grandfather, and it had a lovely Christmas angel on it. My cousins and I would always ask permission to wear it when we stayed over. To this day, angel inspired jewelry gets me right into the Christmas spirit!


Classy Pearls

To me, pearls are perfect and timeless for any occasion, but they seem to have an enticing glow at Christmas time. Paired with red lips, pearls will help you to pull off a classy look that will be stunning for any occasion this season. If you’re not the type to wear character inspired jewelry items, play it safe and stick to pearls!


Sparkling Diamonds

There’s no better time of the year to be full of sparkle and shine than when gathered around the Christmas tree! If you like big and dramatic flair, then reach for those sparkly baubles! If you prefer simple and unfussy styles, then stick to diamond studs or a simple pendant necklace. Either way, you’ll be beautifully adorned when the lights go down!


Vintage Christmas Jewelry

I have a Christmas pin from the early fifties that sports a vintage Santa giving out gifts. I love to wear it around the holidays; it always reminds me of spending time with my grandparents and the stories they would tell me of their childhood. Vintage never goes out of style, so if you have a piece of vintage Christmas jewelry, hang on to it! Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled and looking for one.

What do you think of my style ideas for cute Christmas jewelry? I like to switch up my jewelry style throughout the season, but always keep it festive. After all, there’s only one time each year to be holly and jolly!

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