7 Elegant Jewelry Sites That I Love to Frequent ...


Now that the holidays are only a breath away, I've found myself frequenting a variety of phenomenal jewelry sites. As a collector of accessories, I always find myself searching for both trendy and unconventional pieces. The best part about shopping is indexing different items as gift ideas. Keep these lovely jewelry sites in mind for the upcoming holidays and important anniversaries!

1. CM Jewels

Site: cmjewels.com

Recently launched online, CM Jewels by Christine Muller is one of the most elegant jewelry sites that I have ever stumbled on. Featuring an array of exquisitely designed accessories, you will find that it is difficult to not fall in love with this company. Each piece is intricately structured and accessible, thus adding diversity to any look. I purchased the "Royal Blue Flower Earrings" as a gift for myself and could not be more impressed by their quality.

Overstock Jeweler
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