7 Gold Statement Necklaces to Get Your Hands on Now ...

By Laura

7 Gold Statement Necklaces to Get Your Hands on Now ...

We all love jewelry, so why not consider some gold statement necklaces? When the sun is out and you get a tan (a safe one, of course), gold statement necklaces can bring out the best in your skin tone. Even better, when you are on a night out they can catch the light and dazzle everyone in the room. These necklaces are everywhere, but there are some I love more than others.

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1 Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace Just how beautiful is this? It is one of those gold statement necklaces that uses gold subtly. To an extent, it does look a little like you are hanging a set of mini baubles around your neck. However, if you are bold, you can certainly pull it off!

2 Juicy Couture Gemstone Drama Necklace

Juicy Couture Gemstone Drama Necklace The more I watch programmes like The Tudors and The White Queen, the more I fall in love with statement jewels. With a huge tear stone surrounded by white flower embellishments, this necklace is very much to my liking! I could be wrong, but I think this one is best saved for the evening. Then again, there is no harm in making your daytime outfits spectacular!

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3 Emily Elizabeth Big Bow Necklace

Emily Elizabeth Big Bow Necklace I am not usually a big fan of bows, but this necklace sort of does it for me! In fact, it is a great gold statement necklace to wear with an everyday outfit. It comes with a toggle closure at the back, which means you don’t need a hand getting it on. It is hard to get more statement than this, and the price is fantastic too.

4 Emily Elizabeth Big Willie Necklace

Emily Elizabeth Big Willie Necklace I bang on so much about how much I love Alexander McQueen’s little skull fetish, I couldn’t resist including a second Emily Elizabeth piece! I don’t think you will find a necklace out there that includes so many skulls. In fact, this one may even be skull overload. Still, if you’re going to make the most of a trend, you may as well go over the top.

5 Betsey Johnson Pin up Girl Necklace

Betsey Johnson Pin up Girl Necklace I love the whole pin up girl image. I have a few friends who do burlesque, and they look SO amazing in their outfits it hurts. Combining the whole gold statement theme with a pin up girl image is a huge winner in my opinion. The blue gems around the image’s edge just add to the charm.

6 Jessica Simpson Porcelaina Necklace

Jessica Simpson Porcelaina Necklace Isn’t Jessica Simpson just a jewelry genius? I have to be honest, I had absolutely no idea she was designing clothes! That makes seeing this necklace even more delightful. If you’re going to do statement, you may as well cover your whole décolletage in the process!

7 Sam Edelmen

Sam Edelmen I like to own jewelry that is slightly edgy sometimes. This necklace from Sam Edelmen feels as though it has a modern edge. I love the sharp edges! It takes edgy to the literal extremes.

When you invest in a gold statement necklace, you can take any boring old outfit and make it spectacular. Don’t be fooled into thinking gold statement necklaces are to be reserved for the evening. I am a great believer in making your outfits superbly bold during the daytime too! If there is a gold necklace out there you love, what is it?

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Loooove statement necklaces!

I love the chain on the cover of the article...where is it from ?

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