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Tiffany is an iconic American brand and women all over the world lust over the contents of those signature blue boxes. See the pale teal box and the white ribbon and you just know there is something special cushioned inside. But it’s more than a jewelry store and more than somewhere for Holly Golightly to have breakfast. Let’s learn some more about our favorite purveyor of all things bling and beautiful.

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The Beginning

The Beginning One of the first facts about Tiffany you need to know is that it was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young. It was originally named Tiffany and Young.


More than Jewelry

More than Jewelry The company originally began as a fancy goods and stationery store, all with the help of a $1000 advance from Charles Tiffany’s father.


Royal Jewels

Royal Jewels When the French monarchy fell in 1848, John Young purchased a large selection of the family’s crown jewels including an amazing jewel encrusted corset worn by Marie Antoinette.


American Silver

American Silver During the Paris 1878 fair, Tiffany became the first American company to win the grand prize for silver craftsmanship, which marked the beginning of their worldwide notoriety.


Famous Setting

Famous Setting The iconic Tiffany setting was introduced in 1886 and the cut is still the world’s most popular engagement ring choice to this day.


Civil War History

Civil War History During the Civil War, Tiffany actually designed swords that were used both in battle and for ceremonial purposes.


Anyone for Breakfast?

Anyone for Breakfast? The iconic scenes for Breakfast At Tiffany’s were actually the first time permission was ever granted to film inside the store.


Take No Chances!

Take No Chances! And while Audrey Hepburn and co. were filming said scenes there was a total of 40 security guards to protect the precious gems!


Great Seal of Approval

Great Seal of Approval Tiffany designed the new Great Seal of the United States in 1880s, which is now on the back of the one-dollar bill.


Stained Glass

Stained Glass Charles Tiffany’s son, Louis, was the first art director of the company, and he was known for his amazing talents for creating beautiful glasswork.


Prime Location

Prime Location The company’s iconic flagship store on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, New York has been operating as such since 1940.


Super Bowl

Super Bowl Jewelry and sports don’t always go together, but they do in this case. Tiffany has designed many of the world’s most iconic sports trophies including the NFL’s Lombardi trophy presented to the winner of each year’s Super Bowl.


Yellow Heaven

Yellow Heaven The Tiffany yellow diamond is among one of the biggest yellow diamonds ever found. It originally weighed 287 carats upon discovery but was cut down to 129 carats before it was set.


See It for Yourself

See It for Yourself The previously mentioned famous yellow diamond is available to view at the company’s flagship store in Manhattan for anybody who wants to experience some serious jewelry envy!


Amazing Displays

Amazing Displays Tiffany is all about showing off, and the brand has always had a stellar reputation for producing some of the most amazing holiday window displays that you will ever see, especially at Christmas time.


True Blue

True Blue There is a strict rule that you can only be given a famous blue Tiffany box if you have bought merchandise from any of their stores.


Cell Phone Insanity

Cell Phone Insanity In 2008, Tiffany created a limited edition cell phone in Japan that boasted 400 encrusted diamonds and came in at a cool $99,000 dollars!

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Love tiffanys

I have a few things from Tiffany's, including a few charms like a snowflake and a pendant that says "I love you" which my fiancé gave me a while back :) I've been to that store in NY, had no idea it's been there since the 1940s! Wow!

I basically grew up in the flagship store on 5th Avenue. And to this day, I only wear Tiffany Jewlery. 💎

Tiffany = Gracefulness

My engagement ring is from Tiffany. I love it!💓

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