Stud Earrings That Will Make You Look Subtly Sexy ...

By Eliza

Stud Earrings That Will Make You Look Subtly Sexy ...

There's a time and a place for big, dangly earrings, but sometimes it's better to go with something a bit smaller and more understated. Studs are a fabulous choice because they come in all sorts of shapes and designs so that you can choose those that match your wardrobe and personality. If you're low on studs in your jewelry box, it's time to do a little shopping. Hooray!

1 Tiny Gold Turtles
These are affordable, adorable and they will go with everything.

2 Bows Are Perfect
These itty bitty bows will add so much personality to your outfit.

3 Elegant Pearls
These cultured pearls will add sophistication to anything you wear.

4 Mini Red Hearts
Little red hearts are great for adding that little dose of color to your look.

5 Tory Burch Logos
Want something designer? These studs are a great choice!

6 Simple Rose Gold Balls
Aren't these pretty?

7 A Little Bit of Bling
They might not be real sapphires, but they still sparkle in the most perfect way.

8 Double Studs
These super cool studs can be worn in two different ways.

9 Something a Little Retro
What would you wear these studs with?

10 Black and Silver
These studs are the perfect neutral for wearing with everything you own.

11 Stainless Steel
Want to give your look a little bit of edge? You need these stainless steel studs!

12 Itty Bitty Owls
Aren't these little guys adorable?

13 Purple Hearts
These impressive purple hearts only look like they cost thousands of dollars.

14 Pretty Little Flowers
Do you love these little cherry blossoms as much as I do?

15 Tiny Ladybugs
These add just the right personal touch to your look. Cute!

16 Red Roses
Cool, aren't they?

17 Reach for the Stars
These little stars will make you look like a red carpet star!

18 Hearts That Sparkle
When you need a little more shine in your days, these are the perfect earrings for you.

19 Angel Wings
These are definitely a splurge, but they are so cool!

20 Something Quirky
R2-D2 is great for that little dose of personality you want for your look.

21 Cute Little Skulls
These adorable skulls definitely top my must have list. What about you?

Which pair of studs do you love the best? Where will you wear them?

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