7 Jewelry Trends to Take Note of ...

Jewelry trends seem to change each season. One day it’s all about sleek metallics and the next we’re all clamouring over neon! Whatever the case, there’s no denying that updating a basic outfit with the latest jewelry trend is an effective way to keep up with the latest fashions. Are you in need of a seasonal update? Then the following are a few fashionable jewelry trends you might want to take note of.

1. Oversized Everything

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Bigger is definitely better, if recent runway collections are any indication of upcoming jewelry trends. From oversized pearl bracelets at Chanel to oversized hoop earrings at Balmain and Diane von Furstenberg, it’s all about the upsize right now. Huge pieces of jewelry can not only spice up your outfit, but they are a big trend right now. When updating your jewelry collection, keep an eye out for those larger than life pieces!

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