7 New Types of Jewelry Everyone Should Know about ...

By Holly

7 New Types of Jewelry Everyone Should Know about ...

If you're bored of traditional bracelets and rings, there are new types of jewelry that will freshen up your look. What's better than finding something cute and easy to wear? There's always room in your jewelry box for some new pieces. By wearing new types of jewelry with what you already have, you can create a unique look.

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1 Cuff Earrings

Cuff Earrings If you're looking for new types of jewelry, check out these awesome earrings. Instead of a simple stud or hoop, this contains a chain that connects to your earlobe. They come in tons of different designs, all of which are fabulous! Buy some at claires.com or etsy.com. Everyone will be jealous of your look!

2 Top Finger Rings

Top Finger Rings These are just like regular rings, except they're fastened on the upper part of your finger. You place them right above your first knuckle. Since it's on the upper part of your finger, the normal ring sizing rules don't apply. Take your actual ring size and cut it in half. That's the size you should get when you buy these rings. They look fabulous with practically anything!

Ladies, are you curious about the significance and value of promise rings? These rings, beyond being a simple token of affection, convey deep commitments, unspoken promises, and the steps towards a shared future. Don't underestimate the power of this delicate symbol of love and devotion. Be sure to educate yourself on their true meaning!

3 Hand Jewelry

Hand Jewelry There are plenty of pieces of jewelry that fit across your entire hand. Some connect your wrist to one of your fingers while others connect your wrist to every single one. If you decide to wear one of these, you should skimp on the rings and bracelets. You don't want to overdo it with too much jewelry. Browse ladybead.com for some neat choices.

4 Two Finger Rings

Two Finger Rings What's better than one simple ring? A ring that fits on multiple fingers, of course. You might think that this sounds uncomfortable, but you'll be fine as long as you get the right size. You should have enough room to spread your fingers a bit and avoid discomfort. Although, you might have trouble holding hands. Shop at polyvore.com for the best finds.

5 Fancy Ankle Bracelets

Fancy Ankle Bracelets Of course, ankle bracelets are far from new. They've been around for ages, but you rarely see someone wearing anything elaborate. Try a combination of an anklet and a toe ring, that connects to one another. Make sure you get one that fits, because you don't want to have trouble walking all day. These pieces can be a bit difficult to find, so try searching Amazon.

6 Heel Chains and Shoe Clips

Heel Chains and Shoe Clips If you're bored of wearing the same shoes day after day, here's your solution! In order to enhance your footwear, buy some heel chains or shoe clips. You can attach them to your flats or heels or boots. Search through absolutelyaudrey.com to find the right style for you. There's plenty to choose from and they all look gorgeous.

7 Ring Iphone Case

Ring Iphone Case Okay, this one isn't exactly a fashion choice. It's just a phone case that allows the owner to carry it easily. If you already have rings on, this will be difficult to carry. If your hands are bare, then this is a convenient way to carry around your phone. Buy one at ebay.com if you're interested.

If you want to add new jewelry to your collection, purchase some of these beautiful items. Do you own any of these pieces? Or are there some other jewelry choices that I've left off of the list?

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Love the first one :)

Love It

The hand jewelry (top finger rings and full hand accessory) may look fashion-forward,but are borderline-brass knuckle territory IMO

Very lovely.....like it


Half of those looks are horrid.

I love anklets and toe rings,i love having pretty feet

Most of these are old, just more popular nowadays.

Have to try these. Never heard of them before.


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