7 Striking Statement Necklaces You Need This Season ...

By Kati

7 Striking Statement Necklaces You Need This Season ...

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good statement necklace. You can wear them with just about anything – throw them on over a t-shirt, rock them over dresses, throw them together with jumpers…they can transform a outfit, and require very little coordination. Perfect for lazy days! I’m updating my collection, and here are some of my favorite statement necklaces of the moment…

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1 Cross Crazy…

Cross Crazy… Olivia Palermo was snapped in a statement necklace that’s covered in crosses, and it’s sent the trend crazy. Get in on the look by investing in this cute $10 Forever 21 necklace. The chain is light enough to be comfortable, and the crosses come in various shades of gold and rust, giving it a real dated look –perfect for this season.

2 Coin Chaos…

Coin Chaos… British TV presenter Holly Willoughby is always talking about her coin necklace, and this version is almost the same, but with extra jazz. The actual necklace is a string of gold and silver chains, complete with large and small coins hanging from them. It sparkles in the light, and looks great with dresses and tees. I’ll definitely be rocking this!

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3 Sailor Style…

Sailor Style… Prefer something a little more understated, but still eye catching? Opt for this spike necklace from Forever 21. The large silver spike is on a double chain with a spiked wheel featuring silver and black detailing. The chain is long enough to wear rather long, to draw the eye down the body, or to clip over twice and wear as a choker. Versatile.

4 Glamorous Ropes…

Glamorous Ropes… If you need to dress up a little black dress – or even a little white dress – opt for this long chain necklace. Each chain has been twisted and enlarged to create multiple chains, which join at the back for a really unified look. It makes a great statement piece on its own, or give it a vintage look by teaming it with pearl earrings.

5 Bold and Beautiful…

Bold and Beautiful… I looked at this a few times before I finally bought it. It’s so unique that I couldn’t imagine how to wear it! A gold floral bib featuring big roses with truly intricate details. I’ve worn it with a shirt and cut-offs, a V-neck dress, a maxi dress…it’s far more versatile than it looks, and it never fails to attract attention and compliments. If you feel like being creative, you could even mix it up yourself. I’ve seen a few projects that change every other rose to be silver, or paint the roses white and black – even rainbow or glittery roses. It takes time, but it looks so amazing! This one's at Forever 21, for $14.80.

6 Glitzy…

Glitzy… Lacquered jewelry was really big last year, and this necklace is a great throwback to it! The thick gold chain from Forever 21 has large pink flowers, with jeweled middles, attached around the front. The chain can be tightened into a girly collar or worn over the chest – try teaming it with a pencil dress or shift dress to give it a different look. If pink isn’t your style, it’s also available in black, which gives it a really edgy look.

7 Edgy…

Edgy… Rocking the sheer trend and need a statement necklace to go with it? This one is just perfect. The chain has faux-suede running through it, making it soft and comfortable, and the front features wooden beads holding silver spikes. I’m wearing it with a sheer black top and leather shorts, and boy has it been noticed!

I’m loving all the statement necklaces around at the moment. Alternating them with quirky pendant necklaces featuring owls or giraffes is a great way to easily vary your look, and people never fail to notice your jewelry! Have you got a favorite statement necklace? Share your links with me!

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A lot of people don't realize that the cross jewelry can offend Christians. As a Christian I have a great deal of respect and love for what the Cross symbolizes to me. I personally find cross jewelry that isn't religiously motivated, to be offensive and know many people who feel the ssame. I believe that all religions and beliefs should be respected

And am not trying to bother anyone. ther than the first necklace, I LOVED the other choices and thought they would make a great addition to any wardrobe :)

I'm in love with the rope necklace !

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