7 Super Quirky Earrings You Have to See to Believe ...

Ladies, lately I’ve seen some really quirky earrings that I just have to show you. I mean, I’m all for expressing yourself and being unique, but some of these earrings are just downright odd considering it’s something we’d be wearing on our ears. Also, let me preface this list by saying that I do own some eccentric jewelry myself. I’ve had plenty of strangers and co-workers comment on my choice of accessories so I’m no prude when it comes to accessorizing! Join me as I show you 7 pairs of quirky earrings that you’ve got to see to believe.

1. Hey Ryan Gosling Earrings

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Couldn’t you just imagine the meme that would go with these quirky earrings? “Hey girl, I love it when you wear earrings with my face on them.” All jokes aside, I do love me some Ryan Gosling, perhaps a little too much, but I’m not really sold on these earrings. What about you, would you ever rock these earrings? $16 from FredFlare.com.

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