7 Wonderful Watches for Fashionistas on a Budget ...

If you’re a fashion-forward gal on a budget and are looking for a pretty accessory to keep you punctual, these wonderful watches are a real find. While you can find designer watches for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, who has the time to even earn that kind of money? You’ve got places to be and people to meet, and with these wonderful watches at bargain prices, you’ll be right on time and budget.

1. Geneva Platinum Studded Wrap around Watch

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It’s hard to believe that Walmart.com has such a large selection of wonderful watches for financially savvy fashionistas. This platinum studded wrap around style is right on trend, and at only $24.99, right on the money. Available in black, white and this creamy beige with gold toned studs, this is one watch to keep your eye on.

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