7 Funky Watches for Some Serious Arm Candy ...


7 Funky Watches for Some Serious Arm Candy ...
7 Funky Watches for Some Serious Arm Candy ...

These funky watches are way more than functional; they add arm flair. They are not your typical watches you see everyday. They are unique and funky and will catch the eyes of everyone you walk by. Regardless if you like prints. colors, or quirky accents, you will love these funky watches that will add the perfect touch to your outfit.

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Meow What embodies funky watches more than a cat-inspired watch? I love this watch because it has such a subtle flair. You can’t really tell how quirky it is until you get up close with it. The black leather band is simple and timeless but the cat face and ears are too adorable for words. If you want to have a small burst of joy every time you check the time, this Urban Outfitters watch is for you. If you are looking for a less expensive option, Forever 21 has an almost identical watch for much less.



Yellow I am personally not a huge fan of yellow, but I just can’t resist this watch from Zappos. It is so bright and vibrant and is basically the definition of arm candy. This watch is no typical, simple watch. Its bright yellow band and face will catch anyone’s eye and the silicone band will feel lightweight on your arm.


Color Blocking

Color Blocking If you love bursts of color, you will love this Urban Outfitters color blocking watch. The bright pink band and vibrant blue face will stand out no matter what outfit you are wearing. Especially as winter approaches and we will be stuck in a winter wonderland, this watch will look so amazing against the white snow.


Leopard Print

Leopard Print Who doesn’t love leopard accessories? This watch is so in style with the classic print, but takes it to a new level by being covered in leopard. It is the perfect way to look timeless with an edgy touch. If you are a lover all of things animal print, this Aldo leopard watch is the must-have arm candy to add to your wardrobe.


Orange Blocking

Orange Blocking I am a fan of anything Kate Spade, but this “Nordstrom Exclusive” watch is a unique twist on her usually timeless look. Orange is such a bold choice that it can be hard to incorporate into an outfit. This watch lets your wrist be a pop of bright color in your outfit while giving you the classic shape and look of a Kate Spade watch.


Baby G

Baby G I remember in elementary school when Baby G watches were all the rage. Now they have grown up with us to be one of the top funky watches out there. They are big and clunky in the best way possible. They come in a variety of colors like light blue and light pink. And they light up! If you want something more than the traditional gold or silver watch, the Baby G is a great way to stand out from the crowd with some serious arm candy.



Studs Every girl needs some bling as her arm candy, and this Forever 21 studded watch is just what you need. The studs are the perfect touch of bling but the leather band gives it an edgy rocker vibe. Because the face of the watch is smaller than normal, the focus is directed towards the awesome studded band.

Watches are a staple of every girl’s closet, but sometimes it can be hard to get past the every day watches and into the funky watches that match your eccentric style. With these watches, you get the funky factor and still have gorgeous watches that go perfectly with almost any outfit. What did you think of these funky watches for some serious arm candy? What are some other quirky watches you have seen? Do you prefer a more classic watch or do you like have a watch that stands out?

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Kate spade watch

I love .4 & .1

The cat watch can be found at charming Charlie too. I got it :) and there was one in white and gold too

Orange blocking

Wow studs are unique and cool. I like it, and leopard too

Love the cat watch !!

I like the last one and the blue and pink color blocking watch, unique ☺️

I love number one!!!!'

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