8 Super Statement Necklaces You Don't Want to Miss out on ...


8 Super Statement Necklaces You Don't Want to Miss out on ...
8 Super Statement Necklaces You Don't Want to Miss out on ...

Statement necklaces are the perfect way to freshen up an outfit and keep up with all of the latest trends…even in the office! Things like age, budget and personal style aren’t a limiting factor when it comes to statement pieces, as there are so many 2012 jewelry trends and statement necklaces to choose from. And price doesn't have to be an issue as there are so many fantastic both pricey and budget-friendly designs to consider. But, don’t take my word for it…check out these following trendy statement necklaces for fall 2012 and you’ll see how easy being trendy actually is:

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Peter Pan Collar Statement Necklace

Peter Pan Collar Statement Necklace The hottest accessory for the season and a definite must-have for every fashionista – Peter Pan statement necklaces can be found just about anywhere these days! From popular store chains like H&M and TOPSHOP to high-end designer boutiques, your choices are pretty much unlimited this season! Opt for delicate pearls in case you love the vintage effect and the elegance and refinement they provide to the wearer. If you like a bit more edge, consider glam rock chains, such as this one I found at TOPSHOP or glitz up your special occasion garb by opting for a crystal-embellished Peter Pan necklace!


Trendy Epaulettes

Trendy Epaulettes Writing about trendy necklaces for fall 2012 without mentioning one of the past trends that has never truly left just wouldn’t be fair – would it? I mean, just look at this fantastic TOPSHOP necklace! Now that’s one statement piece of jewelry a girl should have! Interesting and eye-catching, this style of necklace is a perfect way to chic up a relatively plain outfit, turn a casual blouse into something you can wear for a party, or even breathe new life into a little black dress you’ve worn too many times!


Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals From silver, gunmetal and vintage-looking, patina-effect metal to gold, bronze and copper – mixing metals is still something you should most definitely do! Let’s take this interesting statement necklace right here – now, don’t you think it would be a perfect addition to a range of outfits? Short, and refined enough to be worn even for work, but still perfect for special occasions or parties!


Refined Geometry

Refined Geometry Speaking about statement necklaces you can wear for work - check out this Kate Spade piece I found at Zappos! Now, I don’t know about you, but this combination of smooth, polished metal pieces, as well as black and deep, royal blue resin accents really looks totally glamorous yet work appropriate for me! No way that this statement necklace will go unnoticed, huh? Well, that’s the plan!


Chunky & Glitzy

Chunky & Glitzy Big, chunky, chain-link necklaces are my favorite kind! They look a bit vintage, like something you’d expect to see flipping through Harper’s Bazaar issues from the 80’s, yet are classy and modern enough to be worn in pretty much all stages of life. A piece such as this one will complete both your office garb and evening-wear like a charm, demanding attention without ever being “too much”, giving you tons of outfit and accessory choices!


Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine Treat yourself with a trendy statement necklace for fall 2012 and you’ll feel like you’ve just updated half of your closet! No joke, a simple and often budget-friendly item such as a necklace can really make a big difference! I’d choose to think outside the box this season and update my look with something eye-catching, fun and colorful like this adorable Kate Spade necklace. What about you? Gumballs, anyone?


Handmade Bib Necklace

Handmade Bib Necklace Totally glamorous, and always trendy, bib statement necklaces are always a great choice! This Cayetano Legacy piece pictured above, for example, is what I’d choose for the season and think you should too, especially if you’re into handcrafted stuff and real, natural stones. Fear not if this particular design isn’t your cup of tea as there are plenty of other great bibs to choose from and every single one goes…this season or the next one! Bibs have been so big of a hit these past years and I’m sure they’ll stick around!


Harness Necklace

Harness Necklace Last on my list of 2012 jewelry trends and something not a lot of girls have dared to wear! Yup, we’re talking harness-style statement necklaces! Not sure I’d wear one but can’t deny they are cool, trendy and a definite must-have for the season. What about you? Would you dare to wear something as unusual as this?

As you can see, there are many different styles of statement necklaces to choose from! The best thing about a piece of jewelry is that it can be used to update or jazz up an outfit in an instant. And statement necklaces are a fun way to add spice to your style! What 2012 jewelry trend are you going to embrace this fall and which one of these statement necklaces pictured above do you like the most?

Top Image Source: glamourtherapy.blogspot.com

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Totally agree that the handmade bib necklaces are here to stay. I saw some on-line ones with real stones and wax-cord and they were really gorgeous

We need more handmade bibes!

I love the first one.

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