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Daith Jewelry and Other Ear Piercing Locations to Love ...

By Laura

Since the dawn of time humans have decorated their bodies with jewelry - body piercing being a popular choice for both genders. In recent years, daith jewelry has been adorning more and more ears- and for good reason. Here are numerous styles of ear piercings to express your individual style.

1 Tragus Piercing

Tragus PiercingThe tragus is located at the opening of the ear and consists of a pretty hefty part of the ear cartilage. Tragus piercing requires small gauge piercing needles to make room for jewelry like thin circular wire rings or captive bead rings. During the healing time wearing earphones can irritate the skin and prevent the ear from healing fast, although the chances of stretching or tearing are negligible.

2 Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-Tragus PiercingLocated opposite and parallel to the tragus along the inside of the ear, the anti tragus protrudes outward like a tiny ridge. Anti-tragus piercings are rare and most commonly selected by adventurous tom-boys addicting to ear piercings. Highly noticeable, anti-tragus piercing may be a talking point but it is also rather painful, requiring proper care and professional skills.

3 Rook Piercing

Rook PiercingSpeaking of painful adornments: rook piercings are one of the most painful and difficult to perform in terms of ear piercings. It is a unique style though; each ear shape is different and the rook may not be sticking out enough to allow the piercing. Not everybody can have rook piercing done which makes it extra unique. In addition, the piercing must be done in different ear cartilages in the folding cartilage separating inner and outer conch. The rook piercing is prone to tearing so make sure you're extra cautious if you decide to get one.

4 Daith Piercing

Daith PiercingDaith piercings are performed on the inner ear cartilage that sits just above the ear canal opening. The inner ear cartilage is pierced to allow the wearing of thin wired jewelry that looks ultra-cool. Plus, daith's are good for migraines which is much of its appeal in recent years. You can definitely find some cute daith jewelry on the market though so you're going to really like this piercing for multiple reasons.

5 Conch Piercing

Conch PiercingConch piercings are rapidly gaining in popularity. Each ear has two conchs, an inner and an outer one. Conch piercing allows the wearer to show off a precious gem or a barbell ear accessory with style. The piercing requires a trained professional with advanced skills, who uses special and thicker piercing needles to perforate the inner conch at the ear cartilage's center and the outer conch's outer cartilage.

6 Industrial Piercing

Industrial PiercingSometimes referred to as "scaffold piercing", industrial piercing is a rather unusual and more obvious type of ear piercing. Two punches are performed on either the helix or the ear cartilage and a single long piece of jewelry can be worn, linking the two perforations. In the event of vertical scaffold piercing, the two perforations are punched in a vertical direction, allowing the wearer to sport a long jewelry item with two metal balls that prevent the jewelry from slipping out. This is more rare and definitely an awesome statement piece.

7 Anti Helix

Anti HelixSometimes called the "snug piercing", anti helix ear piercing is performed on the cartilage inside the ear's rim, which is a vertical fold ideal for showing off curved ball bearing jewelry or circular rings. Wearers often sport identical gemstones to create an eye-catching look. The anti helix is positioned adjacent to the helix.

8 Lobe Piercing

Lobe PiercingThe simplest and most popular type of ear piercing is lobe piercing where the lobe at the bottom of the ear is perforated to carry jewelry. It is the least painful choice of all ear piercings, since no cartilage is involved and the number of nerve endings in the lobe is far less compared to other parts of the ear. You can jazz up a basic lobe by doing doubles or even triples. Most earrings on the market today are made for lobe piercings and come in an array of designs, colors, and lengths to express your individual style.

I never thought ear piercing was such a complicated art – did you? Do you have any fancy **daith jewelry **or other ear rings? How many?

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